Upcoming Dates/Locations on the Visual Basic World Tour

  • Waltham 4/14 (Steven Lees and Amanda Silver)
  • New York 4/15 (Steven Lees and Amanda Silver)
  • Louisville 4/20 (Jay Schmelzer and Paul Vick)
  • Chicago 4/21 (Jay Schmelzer and Paul Vick)
  • Philadelphia 4/21 (Sean Draine and Joe Binder)
  • Denver 4/26 (Robert Green and Jay Roxe)
  • St Louis 4/26 (Paul Yuknewicz and tbd)
  • Long Beach 4/27 (Sean Draine and Jay Roxe)
  • Dallas 5/13 (Steve Lasker and Ed Gruber)
  • Oklahoma City 5/14 (Steve Lasker and Ed Gruber)
  • Northern NJ 6/8 (Joe Binder and tbd)
  • Albany 6/9 (Joe Binder and tbd)
  • note that more dates/locations are coming, including events in Asia and Europe

From Robert Green’s Visual Basic Blog

Check out the main page for the tour here…

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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