My experience with GameFly…

I’ve recently signed up for NetFlix, but earlier I had tried out GameFly, a service I like to think of as “NetFlix for Games”… and I remembered that I had planned to describe my experience on my blog at some point, but I had never gotten around to it!

Basically Gamefly is the same deal as NetFlix. You fill up a queue with games you want, they send you the first 3, then send you the next whenever you return one of the ones you have. You’re given pre-addressed, pre-metered envelopes, etc… so the hassle is pretty low, and they have games for XBox, PS2, and GameCube, so all in all it seemed like a great idea. I really enjoyed the service while I was using it, I felt like a game reviewer … one of the guys from Penny Arcade or Gamespot, because I got to really try out a ton of games. I ended up playing Prince of Persia, Everything or Nothing (the Bond game), Jedi Knight II, Soul Calibur II, Hitman, Deus Ex and lots of others for the XBox, and it was definitely worth the money.

After a while though I guess I got busy though, and games sat, unplayed, in their envelopes for weeks. I was starting to realize that I was paying every month for games I wasn’t playing, so I canceled my membership. Despite this, I still think it is a great system, but it is best suited to folks who can play at least an hour or two of XBox a week. Now, I usually fall into that category, but I get into the occasional crunch time that ends up taking me away from my XBox for a month here and there 🙂

Netflix would probably be the exact same situation for me (no time to watch enough to make it worth while), the latest movie we received that was for the adults in the house (Minority Report), has sat unopened for a week so far, but the fact that we get kids movies through the system means that we are always getting our money’s worth out of it… here is a link to my movie Q as RSS, which is probably extermely uninteresting but I’m just amazed that they’d even bother putting that info into RSS, so it is worth a link just for that!

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

9 thoughts on “My experience with GameFly…”

  1. Netflix came in really ahndy this week while I am under water here in Alabama.
    Instead of rushing back my movies, they will sit in my living room untill I am ready to mail them back. I would recommend Netflix to anyone who has not tried it.

  2. Netflix came in really handy this week while I am under water here in Alabama.
    Instead of rushing back my movies, they will sit in my living room untill I am ready to mail them back. I would recommend Netflix to anyone who has not tried it.

  3. You aren’t using the service correctly :). Why would you keep the DVDs until you watch them, lowering your DVDs-per-month? Just rip (and burn if you like) ’em all as they come in. Then watch them at your convenience, without feeling like you’re not getting enough value…

  4. Michael G. you are freaking idiot for suggesting someone rip (and burn if you like) the DVDs! You’re an even bigger idiot for putting your full name on your post!!! I think someone’s knocking on your door – must be the DVD police.

  5. Why is he an idiot? As long as he doesnt sell or rent or give massive amounts of copies to others, then whats the harm? I own both copies and retail dvd. I would do what he says until I get to watch, then if I like them I buy them. I dont think the DVD police is gonna knock at your door unless you share them online or give them for free as a party gift or something.

  6. Its hard to say whats cheaper, paying for the GameFly subscription or renting from a video store and racking up late feees. Last time I got too busy to play a game that Id rented from the local video store, I ended up paying about $15 in late fees and it was $5 to rent to begin with. I went ahaed and signed up to GameFly and now about $20 per month goes to them, but when Im not too busy to play I end up getting 4 or 5 games per month, with better selection than any video store that Ive ever walked into, GameFly is just the smarter way to rent.

  7. Dude, why was my comment erased? All I was saying was basically that GameFly is smarter because you never pay late fees and theres better selection. Didnt mean to get sand in your vagina.

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