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  1. Where is the armor, i must have the armor? NOW or I’ll bring the whole covenant fleet down upon you all. HAHAHAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  2. Trying to get Nightmarearmor to sell you sell you a suit of armor is harder than finding Osama! I’ve been trying to get ahold of them ever since the first time Tech TV had them on the air. If anyone has any luck, PLEASE tell me what you did. BynariDistress@aol.com

  3. i’ve found it wroten it down but some piece of crap that shall not be named threw out the site. Im dead serious the site with the orderform and all.

  4. Nightmare amror studios ran into some trouble with MICROSOFT and they they threatend to sue them unless they ceased production.THATS WHY the sites down.Srry

  5. must…. have…. spartain….. armor! I MUST HAVE IT! this is the first time i have heard of it. YOU MUST TELL ME WHERE THE ARMOR IS! I WANT IT! I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAND IT OVER, OR I SHALL GATHER MANY FELLOW ELITES AND DESTROY YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nah, i guess just daydreaming of it would be better. anyway, if you people have any clue where i can find the armor, post it, okay? THANKS!

  6. Theres a blue armour one on EBAY right now for $1500 buy it now. I have seen better looking suits though I dont think Nightmarearmour built it.

  7. I saw one of the Nightmare Armor suits at dragoncon in Atlanta standing right next to that Briars Armor costume. Let me tell you it was a night and day difference, that briars armor stuff didn’t compare, it looked like a toy compared to the Nightmare Armor suit.

    Microsoft did buy most of the Nightmare Armor suits, there were promotions in a bunch of countries. I think hbo had some pics of them in Australia, Germany, England, and New York, and there was also a suit in the E3 promotions prior to Halo 2 release on G4Tech TV.

  8. so there is no armor to buy then

    and yes that brians armor looed like i made it the visor looked like clay

    i wish i could maybe just buy the helmet because im only 15

  9. You know, you could all just make your own armour out of wire, paper mache, cardboard, sponge, card, and paint.

    Make the structure for all the armour pieces out of wire,
    Paper mache the wire,
    Put sponge on the inside of the armour pieces,
    Put a thin layer of cardboard on the outside, and reinforce it with glue,
    Use card to make all the details and paint it,
    And you can use velcro to put it on.

    But how would the visor be made? It has to be one way but glass is too expensive and plastic sheets are either translucent or opaque…

  10. The original deal was for Microsoft to buy 50 suits of Halo armor. Sid, the founder and head failure of Nightmare, wasted all the money before he ever made a suit. Then he rushed to meet the deadline and Microsoft was pissed about the poor quality of the suits. They had finger prints in the paint, many of the molds were irregular and misformed. Some even had pieces of the silicone stuck to the plastic. Then to top it off, Nightmare broke the contract and started selling suits on the side for around 3 grand. that’s when Microsoft decended upon them with an army of lawyers and shut them down. Nightmare armor got a lot of stage time, but in reality, they’re a bunch of frauds.

  11. I am the creator of a small armor company called Outland Armor and I have been making armor for some time now. I can provide individual pieces such as the one way reflective plexyglass visor or just a weapon or helmet. If you prefer I can be comissioned to make an entire costume. Just e-mail me at db_52@hotmail.com Just put “armor” in the subject and you won’t get treated as junkmail. My site is still under construction so much of my portfolio isn’t loaded as of yet but the base is there: http://www.outlandarmor.com

  12. Wintermutant is right, if you really want 1, just build it yourself, it’s really not that difficult.

    The only problem is that is does take a while to do, I started making the helmet 3 weeks ago and only just finished doing the jaw and the top the other day. If you want it for Hallowe’en, start making it now……………

  13. Nightmare’s Spartan armor is poopy when you see it up close..
    Just make your own. I made myself one.. Just google my name, or halo suit, and it should take you there ^_^

  14. i need a halo realistic master chief costume and i CANT FIND ONE dddaaammmnnniiittt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. hey i will shortly be selling hal armor. though not before halo-ween if anyone is interested please let me know i also have a 1.1 scale ghostbusters costume with wokring proton pack, goggles, ghost trap, suit, belt the works all lights up and all scale to movie real slick. email me


  16. Thats it!!!!! ive had enough, ok guys im gonna make my own.. not plastic, im gonna go for 16 gauge steel. although ill make the helmet from fibreglass.

    wish me luck

  17. Hey idiots,
    comment number 32 by wintermutant is right you should just make your own fucking suit but not with the stuff he suggested and not with 16 gauge steel either, well at least if you want to be able to walk around in it. My best suggestion is to visit chris bryans own website by googling his name and his blog tells you step by step how to make your own. that is something you should be able to do at least that.

  18. make the armour yourself. thats what i am doing. or buy som from westerfieldstudios or sumething like that. they sell some cheap looking armour but if you are that desperet buy som ther

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