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Photography Content

  1. Order fulfillment with Azure Functions and Stripe
    In the previous articles in this series, I covered how I added photo galleries to my site, and then how I enabled a feature to buy the original digital photo.
    2024-05-05 19:38 +0000
  2. Adding some e-commerce to my galleries
    This is a follow-up to my last post on creating a photo gallery feature for my site, so it might be worth a quick skim if you haven’t read it before.
    2024-05-05 01:47 +0000
  3. Adding photo galleries to my site
    I mostly talk about work on this site, but I do have other interests!
    2024-04-13 17:02 +0000

Posts on Engineering Management

  1. The Benefits of Peer Feedback
    It was just performance review season at my current job, so I spent a lot of time reading, writing, and talking about reviews.
    2024-02-26 00:03 +0000
  2. Finish what you started
    Software development projects can only have an impact if they make it to production, so instead of having forty partially done bits of work, you should always prioritize having something actually done.
    2023-10-19 14:51 +0000
  3. The importance of visibility to individuals, teams, and companies
    I’m often asked if I have any advice for other software engineers, and the absolute number one piece of guidance I give is “make sure your work is visible”.
    2023-09-25 00:10 +0000
  4. Rewards are a message
  5. Do as little work as you can
  6. You need a test environment
  7. The inevitable result of focusing only on shipping features
  8. A Defensive Approach to Engineering Quality
  9. A Learning Organization
  10. Celebrating the 'Craft' in our Engineering work

Other Featured Posts

  1. Visual Regression Testing using Playwright and GitHub Actions
  2. Adding prefetch and prerender using the Speculation Rules API
  3. You probably don't need nofollow
  4. Updating my blog to support multiple image formats
  5. Assessing your site for Accessibility
  6. Assessing your site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Why you should care about the performance of your site
  8. Beer Tourism

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