Next Xbox Dad column (TMNT coverage) is up

My 2nd column is up on, covering the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

To sum up, it is a pretty fun game for kids; I’d compare it to a faster paced, less scary and complex version of Prince of Persia, which is a great game to be compared to.

My first "Xbox Dad" column (post?) is up…

<random musing>It seems like an online article, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be just easier for them to publish these articles as blog entries?</random musing>

Brian is finding himself pretty busy lately so I decided to try my hand at writing an Xbox Dad column, and the results are up online now…

Meet the Family

Last Tuesday was the first FamilyGame Night on and the featured game, Walt Disney Pictures Presents Meet the Robinsons, has been a real hit around our house. My son Connor had been talking about the movie, Meet the Robinsons, for some time…

Check it out and let me know what you think… and send your ‘xbox dad’ comments my way!

Brian is "Gamer Dad" on

My buddy (and co-author on Xbox 360 For Dummies!) Brian Johnson has started a new column on aimed at parents … parents who game with their kids… parents whose kids play games… and even just parents who play games (gaming is different for folks who have kids in the house!).

Check out his entry about it here: Gamer Dad Column