Word 2000 VBA (Wrox) Source Code

A few weeks ago someone emailed Channel 9 looking for me, hoping to track down the source code for an old book of mine (Word 2000 VBA). At the time I couldn’t imagine that I’d be able to find it, but I found a set of archive CDs that I’ve made over the years and voila, there it was.

Anyway, in the interest of feeding the internet search engine monster, the source code (in a zip) is attached to this post for anyone who might be looking for it. Download it from here: http://duncanmackenzie.net/Media/Default/BlogPost/Attachment/2556-1.zip


Xbox.com Personalities answer a bunch of holiday questions

Trixie had all of us Xbox.com column writing folks answer a bunch of holiday themed questions recently, and I noticed tonight that the answers are all up on the site! Check out some interesting Q&A with Trixie, Major Nelson and others (including me, Xbox Dad).

Xbox.com Personalities at the Holidays

We asked the Xbox.com personalities to share some information on their holiday favorites. What did we learn? Egg nog, “A Christmas Story,” and Dean Martin pwn. Plus Major Nelson is a Grinch.

More Xbox Dad articles, Viva Piñata Party Animals and Xbox Live

I’ve obviously been busy, I never even posted a link to these articles here… I’ve written two new Xbox Dad article in the past few weeks, one all about Xbox Live (to coincide with the Xbox Live is Five event going on) and one that I wrote this week about Viva Piñata Party Animals.

Viva Piñata Party is a great game, the ‘party’ nature of it means that it is quick to get started, even for non-gamers, and the quick little matches means that you can pick it up and play even if you only have a little bit of time available.

New Xbox Dad column: My take on the Bee Movie Game

If you or your kids are all excited about the upcoming Bee Movie with Jerry Seinfeld, then you should definitely check out my latest article on Xbox.com. Along with the movie, an Xbox 360 game is also on its way…. and a demo is already up on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Not the most representative demo (more on that in the article!), but still fun and the game promises even more.

Xbox Dad article on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is up

I was a bit surprised to find that I enjoyed this game, although I enjoyed the last few books in the series and the latest movie, I really figured the game would only appeal to kids. The pace is slower than most adult/teen games, but that makes it into more of an exploration instead of just quickly moving from one task to the next. My wife watched it and thought it was similar to a much more interactive and complex form of the game Myst… there are some action elements where you have to move quickly, target the bad guys, etc… but for the most part you are figuring out puzzles, perfecting your spells and exploring a very open set of environments. You can see more of my thoughts on the game in this Harry Potter article on Xbox.com.

Ratatouille preview article up on Xbox.com

My latest kid-focused game article, which happens to be yet another movie tie-in, is about the upcoming Pixar film Ratatouille. Cool game, very nice looking… and it has entire missions around making recipes by spilling ingredients… just like how I cook at home!

Keeping in Touch, a new Xbox Dad article is live

It has been ‘marketized’ a bit from how I originally wrote it (with the addition of a product name right into the title for one), but a ‘father’s day’ article from me is up on Xbox.com

Keep in Touch with Xbox LIVE Vision

Published June 13, 2007

It’s an interesting time of year for Dads. High school graduation is just around the corner and college graduation has probably already happened. For some of you, this means that your son or daughter is moving out of the house, and there are going to be some changes in your relationship.

As Father’s Day approaches, I find myself reflecting on the relationship I have with my Dad as an adult, and then in turn, wondering how things are going to be with my kids as they get older. My biggest worry about my kids, and my biggest feeling of guilt around my own father, is the difficulty of maintaining a strong connection, and trying to continue to be a part of their lives.

Yet another Xbox Dad article up, this one on games for the K-6 crowd

Family Gaming with the K-6 Crowd

With Father’s Day coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own Dad and how I got into videogames as a kid. My parents, perhaps swayed by George Plimpton’s television commercials, went out and bought an Intellivision for the family. It was to be a Christmas gift for all of us, not just for me and my brother. It was hooked up to the only TV in the house, right in the living room where we spent our evenings. Night after night, the four of us played games like Poker, Dungeons and Dragons, Golf, Lock ‘n’ Chase and more. Since it was hooked up to the TV, this early console seemed so much more of a family activity than the computer games I played in later years.

Now that I have my own family, and my own game console, I try to make videogaming into an activity that the family can do together. Of course, since I have a six-year-old, family gaming isn’t all about popping in a copy of Halo® 2. …

At the end of the article I go through a few recommendations for younger kids, including my favorite games to play with Connor.