I have a lame gamer score

80 now I think, after a quick bit of Ridge Racer…. but an overall low score. I’m told that I need to just play more games, but we’ll see how I do with my current set of  PDZ, PGR3,DOA4 and Ridge Racer. Ridge Racer is a really different racing experience than PGR3, where I’ve been spending most of my time… not sure if I like it yet, but I’ll give it a bit of time, that’s the whole reason I get these games through GameFly … try before you buy.

Yay! I have an Xbox 360!!

Ok, you’ll be glad to hear that I won’t be whining any more about not having an Xbox 360. My pre-order from EB Games still hasn’t come in, but a friend of mine knew someone who had waited in line to get a 360 on launch day and then had their pre-order come in… so they were willing to sell me their second Xbox 360 at cost. Lucky me, I picked it up yesterday and took it home, then set it up after the kids were in bed. So far, all I’ve done is play Hexic and Gauntlet, and download a bunch of movie trailers (in 720p, sweet!). I have DOA 4, so that will be the next thing to try whenever I have time… then I need to figure out what game will be my next acquisition. #1 and #2 on my “list” aren’t out yet, so … probably Kameo?