Favorite quote about the Wii

This is from a great blog “SuburbanJoe” :

“The fact that it is pronounced like “we” lets them say silly things like “Wii are going to change gaming” and the double lowercase “i” is supposed to be evocative of both the controller and the ability for people to play together as it looks like two people standing next to each other. Two limbless, hairless, featureless people who live next to a giant “W”.”

lest you think he is just another Nintendo basher, he goes on to make some really great points about how Nintendo makes good games for both adults and kids (much better games for kids than the Xbox has, if I wasn’t opposed to yet another console in the house, I would have bought a gamecube for my son ages ago)… and that people shouldn’t be reacting so strongly to the name

“what person can look at a console, look at the games, say “yes, I want to play those” but then doesn’t because they don’t like the name? Do these people, upon hearing that their friends’ or relatives’ new baby, who had, in the womb, originally been named Mark, is now named Christopher, swear off all contact with the new child? Is that child now dead to them as all support for the spawn evaporates?”

RE: I stumped Major Nelson

The source behind several of our questions for the recent Major Nelson bit on 10 is revealed, thanks Xbox Elle!

A fun little game show, How well do you know your box(or is it Xbox? I can’t tell), was posted to on10.net on Friday. Laura and Tina try to stump Major Nelson with a bunch of trivia questions, and guess what, three of them were mine! Tee hee!
Which ones? Gamerscore, gamertag length, and languages. He got only one of those right. In your face, MN

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Ok, so *this* has never happened with a Visual Basic book…

I’ve remarked to a few people that writing a more ‘consumer’ focused book has been quite different from my usual area of writing (covering programming topics mostly), but this takes the cake.

Gadget Models, a site that seems to combine the two popular topics of models and technology, has run a feature that includes our book. Sadly, we weren’t at all involved. Note to anyone who is worried about the content of the site itself, I didn’t look through it all but it doesn’t seem to cross into nudity or anything like that…

On another note, I just got back tonight from a week’s vacation… a vacation that included a lot of sleep and even some reading (of actual books), but no Xbox 360 and almost no email… so tonight I’m hoping to get back on with Oblivion!

I have a lame gamer score

80 now I think, after a quick bit of Ridge Racer…. but an overall low score. I’m told that I need to just play more games, but we’ll see how I do with my current set of  PDZ, PGR3,DOA4 and Ridge Racer. Ridge Racer is a really different racing experience than PGR3, where I’ve been spending most of my time… not sure if I like it yet, but I’ll give it a bit of time, that’s the whole reason I get these games through GameFly … try before you buy.