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Beta versions of the MSDN home page now available…

I’ve been working (as part of a large team!) on the new platform for MSDN, which is up and running at… and now you can see prototype versions of the MSDN home page ontop of that same platform. Check it out here []. The new home page demonstrates some of the personalization/profile features that […]

RSS feed authoring for those without blog software or an enjoyment of typing angle brackets

Blogs and blogging software seem to be everywhere these days, and RSS has been a top buzzword for quite some time, everyone and their dog wants to take advantage of this new trend and technology. The problem is, it isn’t a simple process to create and maintain a valid RSS file. If you aren’t willing […]

After some discussions with Sam Ruby and others on the FeedValidator mailing list, the MSDN RSS feed validates as is…

In an earlier post, I discussed the fact that the MSDN feeds were failing to validate due to a MIME type that included parameters (charset in this case, like ‘text/html ;charset=utf-8’), but I also posted a query about this issue into the listserv for Sam mentioned it on his blog, and then went ahead […]