Rory joins the team…

If you don’t already know Rory, well… keep watching Channel 9… I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from him through that venue soon.

For now, he has joined us over in the ‘dev’ hallway, which I’m sure he finds quite exciting… maybe not as exciting as his Microsoft provided ‘temp housing’, but maybe it is close.

“My apartment is very nice, but the complex in which it is situated is a tad on the trashy side. I expected to find a just-add-water meth lab in the kitchen of my corporate apartment. It would have provided me a way to fit in and make friends with the neighbors, but alas and alack, such luck was not to be mine. I wasn’t even provided a gun.” — From Rory’s moving day post

The on10/Channel 9 Dev team have another dev focused video up

I even got to be the ‘preview’ image! Check this out to hear a bit more about our design and implementation of, and for some more info on our plans around going forward and for moving Channel 9 on to this new code base.

Just got into Las Vegas, eBay and PayPal conference here I come…

I just got to my hotel (the Aladdin) here in Vegas; ready to roam around the conferences looking for folks to film for Channel 9 (or 10, if the topic fits). Hmm… Vegas and a video camera… could be trouble. 🙂

If you are in town, email me or call me at the hotel, especially if you have an idea about something to film!

Wow, BillG interviewed by Channel 9

Wow, I’m new to the team and I guess I’ve missed some of the C9 content over the past few years…. and, as the video description says "the second time we’ve had Bill on C9" so maybe this isn’t as unusual as I think…. but this still really surprised me. I didn’t expect to see an inteview with the man himself on there. Bill Gates sat down with Charles Torre and chatted about Mix06, Office and more… check it out here.