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Content Taxonomy Musings

My day job is running a bunch of systems as part of Microsoft’s evangelism group and the biggest of those is Channel 9 ( Channel 9 is basically a video blogging platform. We have ‘blogs’, which contain posts, written by people. Seems simple enough, but after running for 10 years we have a bit of […]

Channel 9 has a Windows Phone 8 app coming…

And it is available in beta now, please check it out and let me know what you think.   So, here you go, if you have a Windows Phone 8 and have any interest in Channel 9 type content: Just using the app generates telemetry that is useful, but please reply with any direct […]

The Viewport Meta Tag and the iPhone

I’ve been fiddling around with mobile interfaces for both my personal site and for the various sites I work on (,, amongst others) and I noticed the use of <meta name=”viewport” content… /> on some other mobile sites. A quick search and I found a great discussion of the viewport meta tag on […]