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Another chess tournament this weekend, last one before the state championship

A new father-son activity for Connor and me has been to go to chess tournaments, spending a few Saturdays throughout the year in some school gym. Starting last year, we started to play chess at home and he enjoyed it so much that we decided to enter into the Shelton View Elementary school’s chess tournament […]

ImageShack Toolbar causes incorrect results from ASP.NET’s browser checking code

We recently updated a few of our web sites with code that would provide a ‘nicer’ experience for browsers that were not compatible with the ASP.NET ATLAS (AJAX) scripts we were using. For some reason though, a few users who were running a fully compatible browser (Firefox 2.0.0.*), were seeing the no-script experience. We were […]

The Viewport Meta Tag and the iPhone

I’ve been fiddling around with mobile interfaces for both my personal site and for the various sites I work on (,, amongst others) and I noticed the use of <meta name=”viewport” content… /> on some other mobile sites. A quick search and I found a great discussion of the viewport meta tag on […]