X-Men Legends is great…

I’ve been playing through x-men legends for the XBox, which has been a lot of fun… kinda like Gauntlet but with the X-Men … it isn’t as much fun right now though, because I went and got stuck 🙂

We are trying to save Colussus from the Nuclear Facility, and we found out what we needed to do, and found the spots where we needed to weld some brackets back together (doesn’t it sound like a cool game?), but can’t seem to figure out how to do it (tried lightning, Cyclops optic blasts, Magma… even Iceman!!). Trying over and over again is frustrating with my son sitting there, but perhaps I’ll have to work at it on my own when he’s asleep.

Anyone else playing it? Enjoying it?

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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  1. I used Storm and used her whirlwind attack which forced the latches to close. Took me a while to figure that out too.

    I think after I did that I either used Storm’s lightning ability to weld them, or it might have been Cyclops’ laser blast. It was one of the two, but can’t remember which one now.

    Just use the whirlwind attack first.

  2. Thanks guys…I used Storm, she used her whirlwind, and Cyclops took care of the rest…

    thanks for the info..I was really stuck,

  3. Many problems occuring throughout the game. I understand the routes, maps and stuuff but can you help? If so reply at this website. Waiting to here from you.

  4. Many problems occuring throughout the game. I understand the routes, maps and stuuff but can you help? If so reply at this website. Waiting to here from you.

  5. i have 3 minutes left in galley but, have for guys left to rescue in the ship, and i have it saved there, am i done for, do i have to start all over since its impossible for me to beat

  6. x-men legends is a fun game and addictive but i got to the muir base prox half way thought the game and after you complete the magma mission there is suppose to be a cutseen taking you to the x-mansion, the cutscene did not start for me and now im stuck in a little building with aboustly nothign to do i tried talkign to everyone and walking around the place for hours but nothing can be done. i plyed that game for days and it has een nothing but a waste of my time.

  7. I love this game. There are a few bugs (like boxes and health packs disappearing into walls) but it’s been very engaging and addictive. Keep wanting to see what happens next.

    Anyhow, I am stuck also on the ship (the galley?) trying to save the 8 crewman but the time always run out before I can save them all and the ship sinks. Anyone have any advice how to get around this? Did I waste too much time on the other levels of the ship? Do I need to go back and reply all those levels while wasting less time?
    Anyone have any advice?

  8. After you beat mastermold and the game, can you continue or do you just do nothing and play other files cause i wanna find out who thaat missing character is. also, i wanna level up my people even more. A big question wanting to be answered.

  9. After mastermold, the game is over… completely. As far as the missing character, I assumed that was a spot for Professor X, who you can play in certain missions but isn’t available in most of the game.

  10. In Colossus sister’s dream you use Professor X, Emma Frost, and Jean Grey. What do you have to do to beat that part?

  11. I was just wondering if anyone knew if you could continue playing after you’ve beaten the game? Where you keep all your stats and such? Because the game is great and would be even better if you could.

  12. Mr. Plow 18 … no, not in XMen Legends 1, but in #2 you can start a new game (same story) but keep your stats … it seems a bit boring to me, because the opponents are not automatically adjusted to compensate for your higher level (so the bad guys are level 5 and you are 40th), but it is there as an option

  13. On the ship level you just have to be a bit quicker than normal! If you use Cyclops to weld the spots Jean holds together for you, more time appears on the clock. Also, you dont have to take each crew member back to the hatch individually, collect them all on one level and take them back as a group, it’ll save loads of time!

  14. About the Uss Arbiter… Its a good Idea to have Cyclops, Iceman, Rogue and Nightcrawler on your team.

    Cyclops adds long range support and his optic blast is needed for welding. If not Cyclops, Storm is a good substitute.

    Iceman is needed for building bridges in this mission. There are no available characters for substitution.

    Rogue is needed to balance the team, a good brawler is needed. Rogue can also easily break down walls in the timed part of the mission. Flight can also be an asset. Wolverine or Beast are possible substitutions.

    Nightcrawler can get out of dangerous situations easily. He is good to use to get out of a bad situation.

    The part most difficult I found about the mission specifically the timed part was the fact that the GRSO soldiers were over-whealming. Cyclops’ optic sweep was good to help during this.

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