Why C# indeed

Early and Adopter
seem to have just noticed my blog;

Duncan Mackenzie’s
blogging, and no one told me!

(And why on earth does he
have C# code on his blog???)

[Sean ‘Early’ Campbell & Scott ‘Adopter’ Swigart’s Radio

and they raised a
good question, why would I (I’m MSDN’s “Content Strategist” for VB, and an
affirmed VB Lover) have C# code on my blog?

It isn’t by choice,
that is for sure! It is his fault: Matt [Mr. Web Services] Powell

I’m doing a little bit of work on some
internal utilities at MSDN and while some of them are in VB.NET, this particular
one was written by that crazy Matt Powell fellow and
it is all in C#. I’ve actually managed to break a few things out into their own
assemblies and do them in VB.NET, but for the most part the UI is all in C#…
what is a guy to do? I’ll try to avoid starting a religous debate here, but I
have to at least say that the C# editor sucks compared to the VB.NET one… XML
commenting aside! I’ve heard it is much closer in features to VB.NET in VS.NET
2003, but I haven’t done anything but VB.NET in that version of VS.NET, so I
don’t really know…

Sadly, after only a few days of
working on this system, I started adding semicolons to my VB.NET code… Is that
like calling your wife by the wrong name?

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

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