We added a Silverlight player to Channel 8 today

We used a modified version of one of the templates that ships with Expression Media Encoder as our player… and channel 8 has become the first of our sites (which include Channel 9, Channel 10, VisitMix.com and more) to have a Silverlight video player on them. And, below here, you can see that player embedded into this blog post…

Note that I had to remove the ‘scrubbing bar’ due to some odd bug around releasing the mouse after scrubbing was completed… but we’ll figure that out and get it back in as soon as we can. Check out the video above back in its home on C9…. check out the video from above on on Channel 8, and build your own player using those templates!

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

4 thoughts on “We added a Silverlight player to Channel 8 today”

  1. Player does not seem to work, when I click the play button, nothing happens. I can alter the volume slider, so there is interaction with silverlight. I have a reasonable normal pc with vista on it. I have no problems with other silverlight video players…

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