Waiting for a 360

Swung by Best Buy in Bellevue today, line stretched out from the store all the way around the parking lot and over to the near by Home Depot… tents, heating lamps, chairs… even hot food being brought in. The guy in the front of the line, who I believe will get his Xbox 360 from Bill Gates, had been waiting since Friday.

Stopped by Fred Meyer tonight to print out a digital photo, asked the guy if they were getting any 360 buzz… they have 12 premium systems to sell, opening at 7am, and already over a 100 calls asking when they opened and when the line was going to start… that is going to be a lot of disappointed folks…

Hmm…. January Xbox 360 for me, I think!!

Waiting for a 360

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  1. the XBox 360 is the most anticipated machine ever! I have myself in the list of those who’ve ordered the XBox, but I think I’m getting mine after January. That’s just too bad.

    Online Wong PoKér Hu November 25, 2005 at 1:04 am #

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