Using my Xbox Live data service?

If you’ve written an app, private or public, using my data feed of Xbox live info I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know. This isn’t a required ‘sign-up’, but I want to start to keep track so that I could possibly create a page listing all the sites using it, and it may also be useful to be able to contact folks if I need to make a change or take the service down for an hour or so. Just comment on this post, or drop me a line at

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

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  1. I’m using it too but the project is currently work in progress and not only yet. I hope that it’s possible to include the bio, location and name information. 🙂

  2. has your api been on a go slow the last few days?

    my friends list takes ages to load at first i thought it was script, then i tried a second host but it didnt fix it so i thought i would ask if its your fault 😛

  3. I created a plug-in for Invision Power Board. Users registered on the forums have a XBL Info tab located on their personal profiles. When you click the tab it displays their gamer card info and a list of games played and raw number of points and achievements. The script caches data on the website as an xml file and will not create more than one web request for the same gamer tag in less than 60 seconds to avoid hammering the service. PHP using CURL, simplexml and your API made this easy! Thanks again!

  4. I’m also using the API to list the online status of my gaming clan members on the website. This script grabs member data from the forums mysql dbase then accesses the API and caches the xml data (to avoid multiple hits in less than 60 seconds). The final output is a nice list the clan can use to see who is on Xbox Live and what game they’re currently playing.

  5. Thank you for making this data available. I’ve been doing some widget/gadget development and I’ve tapped the simple GET page to provide XBox Live ID data to an iGoogle gadget. I’ve not officially “published” it at this time, but I’m happy to share a URL if there’s any interest.

  6. I am currently working on incorporating it into a project of mine. THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE. SEARCHED FOREVER TO FIND THIS AND AM VERY GLAD I DID!!! anyway seems to be having some trouble, my gamertag was working fine for about 3 hrs while I worked on the script and then stopped, works for other gamertags though. Oh well, hey its a great free service and is much appreciated. Will provide link when the project is finished.

  7. Wotcha,

    For her birthday, I set up a site to allow my Missus to assign me “achievements” to earn round the house etc:

    It uses your feed to incorporate my “real” achievement/gamer details. Something i’ll probably expand out more in future.

    Let me know if you want more info!

  8. Also, just as others have mentioned it, i noticed that the feed is occasionally unavailable as well.

    My “tip” (not that its exactly a massive insight) to peeps who are finding this is to make the request only when necessary and store it as a session variable or similar.

    Limits hits to Duncan’s service and, lets be honest, most stuff doesn’t need exactly-to-that-minute data!

  9. I’ve emailed you several times, with no response. I started using your service to generate a webpage of Online friends to check from our iPhones, but my connection was blocked by your servers. I would appreciate if you email me back so we can work out the technical problem.


  10. I found that someone had written an information tab for IPB and was inspired to write a similar setup for vbulletin.
    This is still in development stages and the only places it can be seen is at and
    If you view any members forum profile, you will see a tab titled Xbox Live Info which displays the users games using your feed.
    I hope to integrate this into a vbulletin Product that I am currently writing using API from one of my sites
    I dont have the XCDP so I am very limited on what and how I accomplish things.

  11. Thanks for the service, I love it! It’s a shame that microsoft doen’t have an official service like this that is open to the public.

    I’m planning to use this on a currently “unannounced” web project to verify a gamertag exists and gather profile information. I’ll post a link once the site is launched.

  12. This service is great.. I've been searching all over for something like this and I find myself fortunate to have stumbled onto you! We are developing something for our website

    Thanks so much!

  13. Great service, I am trying to use this for a gamertracking site which will allow for gamerscore competitions on specific games.

  14. Currently using this XBL data feed for a site I am developing called (social networking sit for gamers). Your services are much appreciated and add a VERY valuable feature to the user experience. I cache information for at least two hours to help keep bandwidth use down. THANKS!

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