Upcoming C# Chat… September 23, 2004

Hey folks, this chat is coming up and it would be great if you could make it… if you have a lot of opinions, good or bad, around C#… please show up and let the team know….

[C# Chat] What’s on your mind regarding C#?
The C# Team wants to know what’s on your mind. Here’s your chance to ask that burning question, tell us your thoughts, or just chat with team members. Join the experts from the C# Team in a general discussion about C# and more.

and, if you have opinions, but can’t make the chat… or choose not to… why don’t you let me know (by commenting on this post) why you can’t make it (timing, can’t use the chat pages from your company network, hate chats, don’t see the value… whatever)!!

Thanks in advance for your replies!!

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Upcoming C# Chat… September 23, 2004

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  1. 1PM PST is 4am in the morning for me.
    Any chance of two sessions? One late in your work day, one early in your work day to get more of a timezone spread?

    Apolon September 4, 2004 at 6:38 am #

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