Today’s Team Chat (Thursday 6/24 at 1pm Pacific Time) has been cancelled

Update: This chat has been cancelled, sorry folks!!

Click here for details on the chat and check out Scott’s post on the subject (shown below) …

C# Team Chat: What we did at TechEd (Thurs 6/24, 1pm PST)
A few C# Program Managers (including myself) presented at TechEd 2004 in San Diego. We thought we’d have a chat where we could answer your questions if you didn’t get them answered at TechEd, or perhaps try to allow people who weren’t in San Diego to experience the magic. :0)

Eric Gunnerson will be at the chat to answer questions about his and Anders’ talks, DEV320 and DEV321. Joe Nalewabau will be there for his session, DEV322. I’ll be there for the two sessions I co-presented, DEV354 and DEV450. A few other C# team members who went to TechEd and manned the cabanas, booths and such will be there as well. Make sure to check out the powerpoints before showing up – they’re required reading. :0)

Here is a direct link into the chatroom.

From Scott Nonnenberg’s blog

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