This didn’t take long…. putting your Tivo shows onto a PSP…

Brian and I were chatting (arguing actually) about the PSP the other day at lunch… I thought the idea of selling movies for the device, movies that you couldn’t use in a DVD player at home, was crazy and Brian didn’t. Brian’s opinion is likely the more accurate one (it usually is), these PSP movies will probably sell, definitely at airports and for rentals and probably in less volume for normal use…

What we both agreed upon though, was that if there was a way to sync a PSP with your MCE or Tivo (like you can do now with the Portable Media Center devices), then that would be totally cool and would probably be a killer app for a lot of people… well, here you go… it sounds like it isn’t very polished, but I’m sure there will be improvements over time.

This ‘hobbyist’ application market certainly isn’t closed though. I’m sure that applications that move media onto memory sticks in the right formats for the PSP are going to be popular, so if you are into such things you might want to start coding.

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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2 thoughts on “This didn’t take long…. putting your Tivo shows onto a PSP…”

  1. I agree with you Doug – it is crazy.

    This is exactly what the RIAA and MPAA want you to have to do – not to buy movies once, but repeatedly in several different formats.

    The industry should have to decide – are they selling the physical object or the data contained therein? If they are selling the DVD or Memory Stick, then you should have the right to copy it and distribute it at will – If they are selling the data content, then you should be allowed to make backup copies for personal use only, and to be able to convert the content into any format you chose for your own personal consumption. Further, once upon a time, if you bought a cassette tape and wore it out from playing, you could send it back to the company and they would replace it for free (under the auspice that you already purchased the content). I’ve been told that if you try doing that with a scratched X-Box game you’re out of luck.

    Good faith should require the industry to pick one or the other. Barring that, the law should force them to choose.

    Then you could convert your favorite movies to play portably andc the industry would have nothing to say.

  2. Hey Duncan,

    I’ve been ranting on this very topic for weeks! I agree that it’s crazy. While I suspect Brian’s right that UMD will sell in airports and small volumes to people with more dollars than sense, is that a really good business model? Will that propel PSP into the mainstream? Heck no.

    I think you’re right about PVR to PSP being important. Another component is ripping your DVDs to PSP and, just possibly, a DVD drive for the PSP. I originally posted this latter idea as an April Fool’s joke – the DVD into PSP (DiP). 😉 But I think it’s plausible and could help make the PSP the iPod-killer it desperately wants to be:

    DVD into PSP (joke):

    Perhaps my Rants about the pointlessness of UMD movies will help you in your battle with your friend:

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