Saved up my pennies…

I’ve been putting money aside for a few months now, to save up for an Xbox 360, and now I have sold my media center extender (the HP one), I’ve hit the magical number to be able to afford the ‘premium’ edition. I can’t afford any of the crazy bundles that are available for pre-order though, so I guess I’ll be waiting for a bit to pick one up after the release on November 22nd…

What about you folks? Have you pre-ordered, did you manage to find a place that would let you pre-order just a console (is that so crazy?) ?

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

One thought on “Saved up my pennies…”

  1. I pre-ordered in Sept from RitzCamera – it was the only place I found pre-ordering the console itself. I also bought 3 more games from them, so I ended up spending nearly $600 anyways… but the difference was I got to choose my games.

    I am BUYING the damned thing for Madden 2006 (and I already own the XB version) so if the bundle didn’t include that I wasn’t interested.

    I think they’re no longer pre-ordering it though…. but if you keep your eyes peeled, some have announced it. They just sell out quick as you would imagine.

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