Received my first book from today…

If you sign up for one of the sites created by Gratis (free flat screens, free ipods, free handbags, etc…) then one of the available offers is, and I have to say it is one of the best offers I’ve tried. Basically, if you are someone who likes to read then you probably won’t mind the ‘requirement’ to complete this offer. You sign up for a membership with Zooba, which costs around $10 a month and for that fee you get one hardcover book each month with no shipping costs. I’m not positive, but it seems to me that $10 is a good price for a hardcover book, and not even all that bad if you are used to paperbacks. I filled my queue on their site with 5 books that I liked, but my understanding is that you can cancel after only two book purchases, so the only real question is whether or not there are at least 2 books available through their site that you want to get anyway…

The book I received, by the way, was The Last Light of the Sun by one of my favorite authors: Guy Gavriel Kay. If you haven’t read any of his other books, I would definitely recommend Tigana, The Fionavar Tapestry (3 books) and all the rest of his writings 🙂

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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One thought on “Received my first book from today…”

  1. I was moderately pleased with the service until recently. First, the selection:

    If you are female, you will probably like Zooba’s selection. If you are male, well, there are a few good titles, but nothing that will keep you coming back after the first 3 month period.

    As far as the free shipping and handling, this is false advertising. I’ve had half a dozen e-mails to the “customer service” trying to tell them that they shipped me a book and didn’t pay for postage. I had to go to the post office for a postage due of $1.84. This isn’t a huge amount, but when it is supposed to be free, it is very annoying. I returned to sender and e-mailed their “customer service” that evening informing them to expect the book. Now they are telling me they will be charging me for the shipping to return it!!!!

    They have no phone number to speak with them directly and I am starting to believe this may be a scam to get you in and after 2 of the 3 books get you to cancel your membership. If anything, they don’t have their act together.

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