Ok… this is very cool, hosting your own instance of VS’s code editor?

Dr. Ex(tensibility) posted this recently;

Deploying Managed Packages and Hosting Code Editor in Tool Windows

First things first…. this should have been two blog entries… because it is way too long for one, and because the two topics are not related… so here I end up, interested only in the hosting of code editors, and I have to link to that other stuff as well… but I digress… 🙂

The gist of the post (at the least second half that I’m interested in) is that I can host a copy of the code editing window from VS inside a tool window when I’m making my own add-in or other customization within VS… but my question is, and I haven’t had time to check this out, would this allow me to host the same code editing window within an external Windows Forms application that isn’t in any way hosted in or linked to VS?

I wonder…

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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One thought on “Ok… this is very cool, hosting your own instance of VS’s code editor?”

  1. Wow, it would’ve been nice if the SQL Reporting team had used this idea. All those calculated fields that you get to enter using the simple textbox, not knowing about syntax errors until you decide to preview, no Intellisense or code completion, would’ve been a breeze to help our people that don’t write code too often (usually just SQL queries).

    Ah well, live and learn.


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