I know that movies based on books are often a disappointment…

In many ways, I’m ok with that; it isn’t like they took away the book when they made the movie…

LOTR is one of the few exceptions in recent times, although I also enjoyed Timeline (forgive me)… Bourne Identity might have been a good movie, I can’t say because having read the book coloured my view of it too much to handle the changes… I could go on, listing off a variety of movies where I loved the book but found the movie lacking, but that isn’t the point of this post.

Last night I saw a trailer for “I, Robot”.

If you’ve seen the trailer and you’ve read the book(s) then you’ll understand these comments without any more explanation. What soulless person owns that book license and saw fit to sell it without any concern for what type of movie was produced? Wasn’t there a way to turn this into a box office action flick without going completely against the basic concepts of Asimov’s robot stories?

Perhaps I should wait until I see the movie before I pass judgement, but isn’t going to the movie and giving them my money already saying that I think the movie is worth something?

The sad part, to me, is that I was so excited when I saw the first posters…

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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