I hate to get involved at all, but…

There have been a few VB vs C# debates flying around… I’ll refrain
from linking to them all, as they aren’t really saying anything new. One comment
in particular caught my eye though, and I have to


Ezell’s post
includes a quote that says “Microsoft is standardizing on C#”
and then goes on to use that quote as a reason to suggest you shouldn’t use
VB.NET… well, I work for Microsoft and I am in discussions with the .NET
groups every day and I know exactly what we are working on and working with, and
I can tell you that Microsoft is not “standardizing” on anything.   Yes, much of our internal .NET
development is done with C#, and why not? We are a huge campus full of C++
developers. If we did standardize on anything, I would expect it to be Managed
C++.  Also, it’s worth pointing out
that we do development in VB as well, including some of our internal business


Before .NET, Microsoft used C++ almost exclusively (and we still do
almost everything in C++) but that doesn’t mean that everyone should use C++ to
build their line of business applications. People also point out that much of
the Framework was written in C#, but remember, it was written by C++ developers.
There isn’t a single class, method, property, or event, anywhere in the
Framework, that you can’t use from VB.NET. If someone builds a library in C#
that you can’t use from VB.NET, (and vice versa) they probably did it wrong…


C# is the flashy new language that has arrived with .NET so it gets a
lot of attention (which led to more samples being written in C#, etc…), but
Visual Basic is by far the more popular language and I don’t expect that to
change. I write code in Visual Basic everyday and nothing in the Framework is
being “hidden” from me, I have full access to the Framework in all its glory. I
don’t think there is any need to ignore C#, but you certainly don’t have to
learn it to work in .NET…


Stop debating this issue; pick a language and build something…
you’ll feel better.

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

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