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As Chris already noticed, Charlie Kindel is discussing home data storage and home servers… both topics that interest me for about the same reasons as Chris. I’m a big fan of Windows Media Center, I have a ton of WMA files, digital photos, and I’m starting to have 3 seperate places where I store digital recordings of my TV shows…

Storage at Home – How to store that precious data – Part 1

If you are into home networking, storage and servers… Charlie’s blog is worth reading.


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2 thoughts on “Home Storage options”

  1. I’m in the same boat, though not quite to the degree that Charlie is. I have my Media Center and it has a 200 GB hard drive in it now. It has a good amount of digital photos and MP3s, probably about 140 GB total there. The most important stuff, namely the pictures, are backed up. Still, it would take forever to rip all of my CDs again… and that is not a job I would want to do over anyway. I have a raid 1 setup in my desktop with 2 200 GB drives, but that goes surprisingly fast. I suppose I will have to look at some sort of a NAS solution one of these days… or maybe just build another desktop with a raid 5 setup and a ton of drives.

  2. That is always an issue. How do you store your digital data. Recently, I lost two harddrives, I did backup most of my stuff, but I did not do it on regular basis. I know most home users have no clue about backup strategies. If somebody will come up with a good software package that does solid backup of the application data, he will make $$$. I am not talking about the entire drive backup, but rather just data for the applications.

    my two cents, Maxim

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