Halo Custom Edition, with support for user-created maps… now available…

I heard this was coming in a few weeks, but it is here now….

This is a free download, but note that you have to have your original CD-Key for this to work…. and that the version that supports custom maps is multi-player only and doesn’t ship with any of the original maps… the dedicated server program is included though!!


[Update: Note sure about that ‘doesn’t ship with maps’ comment I made… I read that in an article on the web, but the maps appeared to be there when I played… perhaps the new maps added in Halo PC are missing… but I can’t be sure]


Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

21 thoughts on “Halo Custom Edition, with support for user-created maps… now available…”

  1. all u gotta do is go to DOWNLOAD.COM search for HALO CUSTOM EDITION and vwalla you download the top link for custom edition.

  2. OK… I got the winzip to download it to and I even downloaded some games, but how do I get the games to Halo Custom Edition from winzip?

  3. You need to use the product key from your Halo for PC disk, this product doesn’t come with a key of its own.

  4. uhh… i lost my product key right after i uninstalled halo cusom edition. could someone e-mail me it as the subject of the e-mail. For some reason, i cant see what people wrote in the e-mail, just the subdgect. if not e-mail, could somebody post it? pls help:)

  5. Crim!(-)! You are supposed to have the product key when u buy the halo game. u need to buy the actual game to play custom edition

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