Good Guys and Bad Guys

Everything comes down to that one of those two groups to my son, and he seems to really like that idea (wouldn’t we all like the world to be that clearly defined). Today he is a bit sick and my wife sent me this message;

Connor’s feeling pretty sick today. He still has a fever. We’re definitely not going to preschool. I explained to him that the cold is a “bad guy”, and that he has good guys in his body that are fighting him. I reasurred him that the good guys outnumbered the bad guys, and that they’d win, but that he could help by trying to rest today. He seemed to like the idea of the good guys and bad guys.

My thought, within moments, was that there has to be a game out there somewhere that shows his body fighting off a cold using imagery that would appeal to a 3.5 yr old. I didn’t manage to find one, although I did find flash animations about bio-terrorism, AIDS, and more…

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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