Getting the .NET Framework Installed as part of your application’s setup

I’m working on the bootstrapper chapter for my upcoming ClickOnce book and it occured to me that a lot of people probably haven’t heard about the bootstrapper for Visual Studio .NET 2003…

Visual Studio .NET Framework Bootstrapper Plug-in
The Visual Studio .NET Framework Bootstrapper Plug-in modifies the behavior of the Setup project’s Bootstrapper property to include the .NET Framework bootstrapper as well as the Windows Installer bootstrapper.

Got a .NET app? Need to get the Framework onto the user’s machine? Check out the bootstrapper!!

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

3 thoughts on “Getting the .NET Framework Installed as part of your application’s setup”

  1. Duncan,

    This is good information. Program deployment seems to be a big black hole to me, and, I am sure, other programmers. There is written documentation on it, but it can be difficult to follow without pictures of the screens. “VB at the movies” had some good examples of deployment, but it would be good to have more examples.

    For example:
    – How to run a program after it is installed?
    – The User Interface has dialog boxes, like Checkboxes. How does one get the input from these forms?

    Keep up the good work.


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