Feeling like it is time to get rid of the flab…

Last year I managed to go from 205-ish down to around 175 … just by following the South Beach Diet and working out more consistently (shooting for 5 days a week, generally hit 4 at least)… but then I switched jobs to work on a new project (http://on10.net, a site that has featured Chris a few times) and totally fell off the wagon. Now I’m 187 (for months I’ve been putting 180 into the treadmill, but I actually weighed myself Monday night) and I’m really depressed about it. I’m actually thinking it is responsible for a general down-turn in my whole mood, about just about everything, so I think I need to do something about it.

By BMI terms, I believe I need to be 150 pounds (and yes, I know the BMI isn’t always right, etc… but it is a pretty good measure for most folks I think) and that is a fair ways down there. I attended an informational meeting today about the 20/20 program that I can join at our local health club (http://proclub.com/default.aspx?tabid=673) and I’m considering it… insurance will cover most of it, but it is still going to cost me around $2000 dollars, something I don’t really have at the moment. Funny thing is, if I lose some weight on my own I’ll fall below the BMI # required to get my health insurance to cover any of the program and the cost will go way up (wouldn’t that be silly… lose some weight while thinking about the program and end up ineligible 🙂 ).


Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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One thought on “Feeling like it is time to get rid of the flab…”

  1. You’re already paying into the club (or rather MSFT is), so why not just try to get back into that rhythm? Don’t let work distract you from the real goal. Maybe another session with the Boot Camp — you enjoyed it (you masochist you) last time, plus I think it did a lot for your mental state.

    You know, you “just have to put your mind to it.” 😉

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