Favorite quote about the Wii

This is from a great blog “SuburbanJoe” :

“The fact that it is pronounced like “we” lets them say silly things like “Wii are going to change gaming” and the double lowercase “i” is supposed to be evocative of both the controller and the ability for people to play together as it looks like two people standing next to each other. Two limbless, hairless, featureless people who live next to a giant “W”.”

lest you think he is just another Nintendo basher, he goes on to make some really great points about how Nintendo makes good games for both adults and kids (much better games for kids than the Xbox has, if I wasn’t opposed to yet another console in the house, I would have bought a gamecube for my son ages ago)… and that people shouldn’t be reacting so strongly to the name

“what person can look at a console, look at the games, say “yes, I want to play those” but then doesn’t because they don’t like the name? Do these people, upon hearing that their friends’ or relatives’ new baby, who had, in the womb, originally been named Mark, is now named Christopher, swear off all contact with the new child? Is that child now dead to them as all support for the spawn evaporates?”

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

3 thoughts on “Favorite quote about the Wii”

  1. I dig the name and most likely end up with one. As you mentioned the GameCube is great for kids, which is why we still run both the Xbox360 and GameCube.

    Crazy. Who would of thought a Japanese company would come up something innovative where the letters look like pictures? πŸ™‚

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