Fable is addicting…

Yesterday I started up my first Fable game, 3 hours of my life lost already. Lots of fun though.

Tonight wasn’t as much fun; I tried 3 times to play and each time I was stopped with a dirty disc error… not sure why that is, but after 3 times I figured it was a divine hint to get back to work šŸ™‚

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

6 thoughts on “Fable is addicting…”

  1. I just bought an XBOX last night and my wife bought Fable. She’s playing all last night and has been on it all day this morning. Guess it’s payback for the many hours I wasted playing Quake II deathmatches online. šŸ™‚

  2. The Dirty Disk Error is something that occurs on early version of Xbox. The best way I found to resolve it is to buy a new Xbox, which I did. You could replace the drive, but why bother?

  3. (Raises Eyebrow)

    Some people would say that if there is a flaw in the machine it is -Microsoft- that bears the responsibility to replace it.

    I have been tricked into playing Fable. Due to a complicated set of circumstances, I have lost cable for a week. Then a “friend” showed me this wickedly addicting hazardous thing, and now I am hooked.


  4. I recently purchased the pc version and I am getting very week and feeble minded while trying to find some info on crashing after spash i keep sending error reports in just to pissoff microsloth. I do give the box a 10 very excellent use of orange and black and all the cool pictures.Hell the box said it was optimized for windows.Wonder how bad it would run on something else?


    the game Not available
    box it came with 10

  5. i played the afflicted game and found i loved killing whole towns of people but i couldnt bring my self to slay my sister peace ouit homes but i hated how i had to load through gates but town folk don’t im a frucking hero !!! and i load damit!!!

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