Don’t let MiniMac envy get you down :)

Just saw this, a whole list of MiniMac sized PCs…. maybe Mac folks would say it isn’t about the size, it is about the experience… but I’m sure the size matters to some degree.

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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9 thoughts on “Don’t let MiniMac envy get you down :)”

  1. Oh, i’m not *really* a mac folk, OSX has it’s problems too.. I’m just trying to understand the emotional attachment to software a bit better πŸ™‚

  2. My buddy and I were at the Apple store today for the debut. I didn’t buy one (no yang!) but he did; and he loves it. MiniMacs aren’t really expensive at all. For $533 tax and all you get a fully functional PC. Add keyboard, mouse, and VGA and voila! Go put together a Shuttle or mini-ITX for that. And it’s 1.2Ghz for the base and you get a burner, 256MB of RAM and a desktop that makes WinXP look like yesterday’s bread. I’m a PC guy and don’t even own a Mac, but from a desktop and graphics perspective they beat the pants off WinTel and now do it for about the same price. Can you build a faster PC? Sure. But you’d be hard pressed to get the speed you want for $500. Macs perform differently too so you can’t really compare them Apples-for-apples (sorry, :)). You’d be missing the point anyway. We PC users have kidded ourselves for years that our PC’s were are asthetically pleasing as Macs and strutted about in the knowledge we have all this CPU power. The truth is, if you use a Mac you’ll likely keep

  3. They are NOT the same size. 10″ deep vs. 6.5″ deep for MiniMac. Makes a difference for me. And I’m not even mentioning other differences, although those PCs are probably faster.

  4. Hi, Do you guys know that, the 1.25Ghz MiniMac can be mounted up to 1.42Ghz?
    I’ve found that recently, it’s only a lockup on the processor making the speed down to 1.25Ghz.
    I know a guy who did break that lockup, and he’s now 1.42Ghz, like the second MiniMac for 600$ that comes with 80Gb.

    I still dont got my MiniMac, I paid 825$ for 1.25Ghz with 512Ram, I live in Canada πŸ™
    Alright now I am just scared my PC screen does not work with the MiniMac?
    Or that my cracked Call Of Duty does not work on it?
    I still not tryed it, i’m on a G3 iMac ( 400 mhz, 64 RAM ) <– AHAHAH
    Ok allright see you soon guys.


  5. Ok well 1stly im definatly not a mac person. The fact that they went bsd based makes it OK (still dont get the pre osX fanboys)
    The appearance.. i couldnt giv a rats. If a computers main selling point is appearance it makes me worry.
    The barebone pcs have been out for ages. Keep in mind they they are BARE BONE.
    No cpu, no ram, no drives. U spend $400 on a motherboard in a box. +the rest
    Works out to be a bit more than a usual sized system.

    The only other thing i wana say is why do u want a desktop computer to be small?
    Its not supposed to be portable.
    You should have enough room to put a normal sized pc somewhere shouldnt u?

  6. A few weeks ago I bought a 4XEM BBPCBK. This thing is sweet. I’m not not into Macs but when they brought out the Mini Mac I thought I would look into it. But I found this site and they sell small pc’s just like the Mini Mac but they take a Pentium 4. I fixed this thing up and its running really sweet. It’s great for gaming, me and some buddies always get together and have LAN parties. Now I don’t have to lug a big pc case and CRT monitor. I bought myself a nice 17″ LCD and the BBPCBK so thats another side point. I’m going to look into overclocking it and maybe I will post my results here if anyones interested.


  7. Heh, you know, people should talk only when they know something of things…

    Like someone already said, PC and Mac are not to be compared.

    -PC is way more unstable than any Mac
    -Macs are designed to run on the one OS they come with, as well as the equipment.
    -All elements (graphics, sound, power etc) come together with much more stability and speed than in PC’s, only thing a Mac lacks is popularity πŸ™‚
    -Pro software often created for Macs
    -Using PC, you almost MUST use Windows :((

    I have a Pretty fast PC at home, and I’ve used both Mac’s and PC’s at work/school.
    At first it felt that Mac is a hellish machine, but when I got a grip of its functions, it has proved itself more than good.
    Always when you NEED to do something and you need to do so EFFECTIVELY, forget PC (and especially Microsoft).

    As I said, Macs would be Wonderful, only things that keeps me from buying one is:
    – Lack of wealth
    – Lack of support from majority of software designers (I like to play sometimes too)

    Of course, I could have both PC and Mac at home, but it would be pretty expensive to keep them up-to-date…

    So I bear with Macless life at home fighting to get at least part of my software work about fine… >:(

    At work, I just express myself πŸ™‚

    (Mixing, fixing, shooting, mastering, designing, illuminating and so much more with professional touch – sarka)

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