Doing uploads with BITS

I wrote a couple of articles on BITS in the past (creating a wrapper, then background copying, then digital grandma) but it was all about downloading files. Starting with BITS 1.5, you can also upload files… is that topic of interest to folks? Just FYI, you need web server support to make this work, as detailed here.

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

9 thoughts on “Doing uploads with BITS”

  1. Yep. This is a topic that I’d definitely be interested in learning more about. This would make it easier on an application that I’m writing in that wouldn’t need to check that the user is online before sending large message packets to a web server. This would work great since the messages don’t need to be sent in sequential order.

  2. BITS saturates the Internet connection? That has not been my experience, in fact, considering that Windows Update is using BITS 2.0 to download patches. As far as benefit, I’ve found that when I need to pull down a file, especially a very large one, I like that fact that I can continue using my machine without impact on my network perf (noticable impact that is) and that if I need to ‘standby’ my laptop and switch locations… or if my network connection drops (damn Comcast!), then my download isn’t lost.

  3. This is of great interest. Uploading of large files from a client to a sever is a emerging need in many industries.
    I am looking for a simple way to program uploading of files over http/s using Bits 1.5/2.0 in C#.

  4. YES, I need to create an Upload tool for users to upload EXTREMELY large files(yes we have bandwidth). My boss asked me to see about using BITS so I am looking into it. Everything I’ve found so far is on downloading. I would REALLY like to see something on “uploading”.



  5. Hi Duncan
    Please, please … there is a definite need for this! I’ve created a .NET wrapper for the BITS 1.5 API but am at a bit of a loss how to work with it.
    Best regards, please keep the articles coming

  6. An article on uploading via BITS would be great. I am looking at incorporating online background backup into my application (C#) and BITS seems to fit the bill.

  7. I have actually written a VB.NET wrapper and an application that will upload with BITS. It works great – sometimes. For some as of yet unknown reason, a BITS job that gets created by my application can take an incredibly long time to upload. ie. 3 hours for a 100K file from a location with DSL. I have an open ticket with MS on this at the moment.

  8. I too am interested in a BITS wrapper that supports upload jobs. My cuurent not so elegant approach is to spawn the command-line BitsAdmin.exe, but .Net should be able to do much better!

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