Command Line Switch Parser

I didn’t write it
(Peter Hallam did), but I was just using it and thought “wow, this is cool, it
needs to be found by more people!”

If you build console apps that take
multiple arguments (generate.exe /vroot:vbasic /target:c:\files\ … etc.) then
this makes it very easy. To use it, just compile the provided code into a
library and reference from your own C#, VB.NET, etc. application.

From the readme;

Line Argument Parser



Parsing command line arguments to a console
application is a common problem.
This library handles the common task of
reading arguments from a command line
and filling in the values in a

To use this library, define a class whose fields
represent the data that your
application wants to receive from arguments
on the command line. Then call

Utilities.Utility.ParseCommandLineArguments() to fill the object with the
from the command line. Each field in the class defines a command line
The type of the field is used to validate the data read from the
command line.
The name of the field defines the name of the command line

The parser can handle fields of the following

– string
– int
– uint
– bool

– array of the above type


Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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