Chromehounds on the Xbox 360 has consumed my free time!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a Gamefly subscription and I get new games every few weeks… a great way to play a lot of games without the risk of paying $60 for a stinker (OverG Fighters for example… oh so happy I rented that instead of buying). Anyway, my most recent game is Chromehounds and I’m really enjoying it. It plays way more ‘real’ than a game like MechAssault, but isn’t attempting to be a simulator and force you to control all the details a real mech would need dealt with. I honestly haven’t tried the online side of it yet, and I hear that is the best part… I’ve just played through all of the single player mission with the exception of the final mission. I have tried that one with four different mech configurations and with a couple different strategies, but I haven’t made it through yet 🙂

Memphis Belle

Do you play Chromehounds? Online? Did you do the single player missions? Any hints for me about the final one!?!

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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3 thoughts on “Chromehounds on the Xbox 360 has consumed my free time!”

  1. Yes i do play chromehounds online i have completed 81% of the game if uyou have any advice on creating a great hound just type in my gamer tg (TotalHunter).

  2. if the mission is the commander mission then i and you have to destroy the enemy base then follow the scouts that go off and destroy everthing in there way

  3. the final mission is a bitch. the way i did it was i created a treaded mech with sniper cannons and assault rifles, and snuck around the first big hill. once i was in position, i started laying on as much fire as possible (try not to miss) on the big guy, so he was weaker. then, when the little one came around, pepper him with shells until he dies. this is where things get sketchy. you need to make sure the big guy does not get too close, otherwise you will die. i highly recommend keeping lots of distance, and just keep hammering him until he is dead. it took me 4 times to get this right, so dont get upset if it doesnt work out right away.

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