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One of my jobs over the past couple of weeks has been to build a javascript based ‘toolbar’ that could run across the top of and show folks headlines aggregated from a variety of Microsoft Community sites. So, along with a bunch of help from Adam and Erik, I managed to get it finished and deployed today. You can see it on top of the page on 10

If it overlaps with the logo for you, try forcing a refresh using ctrl+f5 in IE… or just picking reload/refresh in whatever browser you use… the css had to change to accomodate this new content and the old css often sticks in the cache longer than it should.

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

2 thoughts on “Check out the new Community Bar on”

  1. I don’t quite understand the deeper meaning of this. Because really, it only shows the sites in the network (community) and some random headlines. There’s no way to move to another headline…

    Why not just have an ajax panel which agregates the rss feeds from all sites in the community and pops in when you hover over some trigger…

    Don’t get me wrong, it looks nice but I don’t really see any benefit…

  2. Why use AJAX for this? It already does the RSS aggregation, that is what you are seeing… moving through them would be nice, I agree, but I don’t think we had a really good UI in mind for that type of navigation.

    The point of the bar is to show people on one site what the latest headlines are from another… so someone on Channel 9 might discover a new post from ASP.NET or… you see something similar on all the weblogs inc. sites ( for example shows recent headlines from xbox 360 fanboy and other sites in the network)

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