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My buddy (and co-author on Xbox 360 For Dummies!) Brian Johnson has started a new column on aimed at parents … parents who game with their kids… parents whose kids play games… and even just parents who play games (gaming is different for folks who have kids in the house!).

Check out his entry about it here: Gamer Dad Column

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

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    Hi Brian,
    congratulations on your publication of Xbox 360 for Dummies (Hank)

    can you direct me to your archive on type of strong wireless router to buy that would allow me to network videos from my notebook to 360? i presently have a linksys (preferred choice) however the signal is too week to do videos. Transmitting photos works fine. i presently have a 802.11b and i know that a is what i need. however, i’m hoping you recommend a router that is proven to work with 360 and have a strong signal too.
    thank you very much!

  2. Hank, I’m a big fan of using a wired connection with your 360 if you want it to act as a media center extender. Of course, wireless will work, but as you said you know that 802.11b isn’t going to cut it for you.

    What would be best, if you can get it, is to get a ‘dual-band’ router. These routers usually support 802.11a AND 802.11g/b so you can dedicate the 802.11a frequency to your 360 and use the g/b frequencies for any other computers in the house. With that type of setup, nothing else (cordless phones, Xbox controllers, etc.) is causing interference in the same frequency as your media center data has to travel.
    Linksys makes a couple of dual band routers, so check out their products (such as the WRT55AG).

    Note that to stream video, you will need to be running Media Center edition on your PC, since Windows Media Connect doesn’t provide support for video.

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