Atari CEO: No PS3 games before 2007 – Joystiq

I was surprised early to hear that God of War II was a PS2 game… and now this? I think it just the price that is scaring developers… scary to develop for a console that seems out of the price range of your target audience. I say “seems” because despite my own (biased) negative thoughts about the PS3, I expect it to be a pretty impressive machine… one that quite a few people will pick up. I do agree with other people’s predictions that it will lag behind the 360, the $$ will see to that, but I don’t think anyone expects it to flop…

I don’t think I’ll end up getting a PS2 though, as tempting as it is at the low-low refurbished prices you can find it at now; the idea was to pick up a used one and an EyeToy and then try to lose some weight playing Kinetic… but all that work for one game seems like a bad idea. Instead I need to find some way to do some mild exercise while playing any game on my 360. It wouldn’t be instead of my normal exercise routine, but every little bit counts. A recumbent exercise bike seems like a possible solution, although I don’t think my wife wants one in our living room.

Author: Duncan Mackenzie

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One thought on “Atari CEO: No PS3 games before 2007 – Joystiq”

  1. The 360 retailed for 300/400, but how many people do you know that could buy it at that price until very recently? I managed two bundles, one was a core system for $1000 (with 10 games) and the other was a premium bundle for $700.

    So it’s not just that the base price is nearly double, it’s that the 360 will be readily available and not at a premium when the PS3 launches.

    The only thing they can hope is that the price is sufficiently high to keep the demand low enough to match supply, and then it will be available at normal cost. That is doubtful, though, especially since we know the retailers love their bundles.

    The PS3 is a “good deal” if you’re in the market for a Blu-Ray, and I may buy one eventually. But I am definitely not planning on paying a premium for this, since I already have a next-gen console, and MS really seems to have gotten a lot right with the 360.

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