Article about the use of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint pain…

I used to get knee pain all the time, just walking down stairs would cause quite an ache, but after I dropped some weight that went away… now it seems that pounding my legs onto the pavement over and over again is firing it back up again, and it is getting bad enough that I’m feeling reluctant to run as often as I have been. Seeing me limp my way down the stairs into the changing room, someone that I was running with mentioned glucosamine, saying that it really helps repair the damaged ‘stuff’ that is leading to the discomfort when I run down large hills. Well, I have no idea if it works or not, but a bit of searching turned up a fairly detailed article about these supplements that makes them seem like a pretty good idea. I haven’t picked any up yet, but if I do I’ll let you know how it works out…

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  1. My doctor ‘ prescribed’ (recommended would be a better word) glucosamine for the joints in my finger. After taking them for six months I’m relatively pain free. Certainly worth trying.

  2. I have a 12 1/2 year old German Shepherd. She was really having some problems getting around in her old age, really stiff in the morning, etc. We got a new Shepherd puppy and the breeder said she was giving the puppy a certain suppliment (Nupro) so we ordered some. To keep peace, we wanted to make the puppy’s food and the older dog’s food smell about the same, so we started giving the older dog the same suppliment. Three or four months after we started the suppliment, that old shedder started moving better, with obvious less discomfort. A close examination of the contents of the suppliment showed that it contained glucosamine. She does not have dysplasia or anything, just old age was setting in on her. She has been on it a year and despite her age, she is still showing less morning and general stiffness. She has no idea, of course, what she is getting, so it isn’t a placebo effect. I don’t know if it is the glucosamine, or something else, but we will keep her on the suppliment.

  3. I used a G & C formulation and had great success. I was able to play soccer with minimal discomfort even after a third operation to remove shredded meniscus. I used a liquid formulation that is available online. They now have a formula with 1500mg of glucosamine for that extra boost. I tried capsules from the grocery store, but didn’t get the same results.

  4. BUY THEM now! I have chronic knee pain, it’s hereditary for me. I had surgery on my left knee almost 2 years ago. I started taking Osteo-BiFlex post surgery. I am close ot pain free now. I pick them up at Costco, take two in the morning.

  5. Glucosamine is not for every one. It is used mainly by elder people because it helps lubricate their deteriorated joints. You cold give it a try, but must use it at least 15 days. I would recommend you to visit your physician first.

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