A little off-topic, but …. “Verizon Sucks”

I’m sure I’ve worked with more disorganized and unprofessional companies, although I can’t think of any, but I certainly haven’t continued to work with them… but I’m fairly stuck with Verizon.

I just moved into a new house, only a few minutes away from my apartment, and I called Verizon to arrange for the move of the phone and DSL (both through them). They were very nice on the phone and arranged to move both as of the 3rd of July… although they had to transfer me to a 2nd person to arrange the DSL, because it seems they are essentially two different companies. Fine, whatever, I might find that need to have 2 people talk to me silly, but it isn’t a big deal. I told both people the same thing…. moving on July 3rd, need service at the new location. The phone would be up sometime in the morning and DSL would be active “on the 3rd”. Peachy.

First problem, my current DSL shut off on June 30th at midnight… July 1st in computer terms. Oh well, I thought… a few days without connectivity, but it will all work on July 3rd, so it isn’t a big deal. I didn’t worry about why it shut off early, I figured it had been set up to transfer over a little too soon. Got to the new house, phone only works on one of the 6 jacks in the place… called support and they suggested that I needed a “jack reassignment”… ok, whatever… call back on the 7th they said… annoying but I’m a nice guy, so I just say thanks and move on…

On the night of the 3rd I hooked up my DSL modem, but no luck… couldn’t get it to connect but I wasted a bunch of time troubleshooting it… called for support, but the 24hr line can’t handle DSL…. and they gave me a new # to call but it was the wrong number (it was an 888 #, but they read out a 800 #… )…. tried to call on the 4th, but no luck as you can imagine… offices were closed.

Talked to them today… turns out they put the move order in for the 1st, but realized I didn’t have my phone line moved until the 3rd, so they canceled the entire DSL line and move request. No DSL move, in fact no DSL on my account at all. Wow, that was really good customer service, eh?

“Ok” I say… “please activate it now”… Well, turns out they can only reactivate me with help from some deparment that won’t be in until Monday. I was a little annoyed, but hey… Monday is only two days away… so I asked how many hours after that call on Monday will I have DSL… 7 days was the answer. 7 days!

I called the cable company a minute later to set up high-speed through them, but their sales office is closed until Monday…. but on Monday if the cable company can get service set up faster than Verizon, which wouldn’t be saying much, I think I will start the process of removing Verizon from my life completely.


Author: Duncan Mackenzie

I'm the Developer Lead for the Channel 9 team, formerly worked on MSDN as a developer, content strategist and author.

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  1. So I subscribed to Verizon Wireless. For 4 months, Verizon had been sending my billing statement to the store where I bought my cellphone. Duh, no wonder I never received the billing statements. Stupid morons! Next thing I knew, my credit report was tainted, because of non-payment. What a bunch of dipsticks! Never again, Verizon! You are a bunch of fools!

  2. I am so tired of all you stupid consumers bitching about shit that doesn’t really matter, this is a small portion of all I hear from you all day whaaa! my phone dont work! whaaa! my DSL dont work whaaaaa! You owe me free phone service becuase i’m a self rightous loser on disabilty who really cant afford it becuase I wont get up off my fat lazy ass and actually get a job that a chimp can do so the government subsidizes me through the “lifeline” benifit. Whaaa I have a residential line that I use for my business becuase i’m to cheap to pay for an actuall business line and you shut it off becuase i didnt pay my bill for the last 4-6 months but I cant pay you if my phone dont work. Whaaa my (insert favorite governmnet entity) check didnt come in so i cant pay my bill this month even though i havent paid it in the last 3 months it’s not my fualt becuase i wont get off my fat lazy ass to better myself and my surroundings… Geez you people suck do you know what we do at work when we get you on the phone? we mock you we laugh at you we find crap that can be disconnected so you will suffer we laugh at your pain, we think it’s funny honestly not bullshittin ya here you all are the one’s who suck becuase abusing me becuase of your inaddaquacy boy it sure must be a nice view from on high like that!

  3. yeah it sucks I work at verizon dsl and let me tell ya they don’t train us for crap very few people here really know what’s going on and further half of the “people”here are from some backwards african country and didn’t even have electricity in thier homes before some stupid christian brought them over here so thier stone age selves can help you with your dsl. And if you live in the 718 area code you won’t ever have service because they sold more service than they have the capacity to actually carry. BTW the secret number to get into verizon without a lot of waiting is 866-268-4630 then hit 1114.

    “thank you for call verizon dsl we’re here 24 hours a day, or you can reach us at dslstart.verizon.net have a nice day”

  4. Ok first off…to the guy “one rep tired of all your bitching and abuse”
    Your a fag, so shut the fuck up. I pay my bill I have a fucking job and im not fat. So there goes your whole fucking rant…Verizon is the fucking dumbest fucking company there is..begginging of july I order dsl thru verizon…I have verizon phone service ..only phone company in this town.
    I order on like the 9 of july they tell me my turn on date is the 1st of aug.
    ok what ever.my modem arives via ups …on the 26 of july same day verizon sends an email to my dial up account diff company. telling me I can install my modem, my dsl is up and running . Great its early ..nope
    I install and get everything up and running buy my dsl speed is slower than dial up. It takes a fucking half hour to load the dslstart.verizon home page.so I call the tech dept.After many hours and alot of bullshit they tell me ..”ummmm it must be your computer ..it’s something wrong with your explorer” So I reformat and reinstall windows xp still same bullshit.
    call back diff person.ok lets see …almost 2 hours later no fix . they issue a trouble ticket, call next day no trouble ticket for my account they never got one.still to this day..I have had only 3 days of actual dsl service trouble free …they finally figured out its a fucking trunk line its over used and cant handle shit …so they ordered another trunk line to be installed but they dont know when it will be installed and up and running.I hate verizon…they suck road runner is the best had it for two years with zero “0” fucking problems and they just increased the speed to 5mbs and lowered the price to 40.00 a month…

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmm yea i gueess so…….
    the only problem that i had about verizon was just that they took long get the modem almost a month…. got really pissed off….

  6. Check out Verrizon’s new scam on their web site. Here is what they’re promoting
    “Unlimited IN Calling AND Night & Weekend Home Airtime Minutes”. The term “Unlimited IN Calling” is used here to mislead people to believe that they can receive calls for free when in fact it just only free when calls are placed between Verrizon’s customer.

    Their Customer support representative are rude and not professional. Their phone only work in America and only on their network (another reason to get you stuck with their service). Once they got you as a customer they don’t care about the service. All the promotion are only available to new customer.

    The image of corporate American are full of cheat, lie, and greed. This is typical behavior of corporate America. This trend is not going to stop any time soon so get use to it.

  7. Ive trtied every way to get my E mail hooked up No results The computor keeps saying my user name or password is not acceptable .Its too say the least frustrating. Im going to either drop this service or get outside expensive help.

  8. I say expose Verizon to the media, in that way more people will know that their service sucks, it’s not much but it is a stepping stone to damge Verizon’s reputaion.

  9. It is 9/16/05 and my Verizon online DSL was supposed to be active on 8/26/05. It was active on 8/26/05, but was shut off on 8/27/05 after I complained about getting only 100k down/ 100k up instead of the advertised 3000k down / 768k up! I have called, waited on hold for an hour, and spoken to technical support EVERY day for 14 days. I have been told they will send someone out, but NOBODY ever calls me the day they schedule. When I call and explain to them they NEVER send anyone out I have to tell them the ENTIRE story again … which never results in anyone helping me! I am speaking to them again right now … they are … THE DEVIL!

  10. Okay. I’m not gonna bother recapping the entire peanut gallery.

    I was, until two weeks ago, a DSL Tech Support Rep. It’s true that a)Verizon seems to screw up a lot of orders. b) the network/router system from You to the Internet is somewhat shaky. c) 718 area code is ‘overutilized’, meaning ‘not enough capacity’. This has been an issue for at least five months.
    Granted, I rarely received calls from people saying their service was fine, so I may be biased.

    Some people have to understand, that with all majot telcos (especially a behemoth like Verizon, that a few customers (read: a hundred thousand or so a month) get botched orders.

    Duncan’s problem does happen far too often, sometimes taking a month or longer to fix. This is, of course, Verizon’s fault. And there’s not a whole lot the poor support tech can do but note it and submit it to supervisors or higher offices.

    On the other hand, there are customers that, even though they obviously corrupted their own computers (70% of calls, see my site for a long long vent on that), or they just shouldn’t be allowed near a PC in the first place.

    Some people think that they are 100% right and that we have a magical “Fix Internet” button at our desks, after all, they do pay for service, certain things like provisioning, and the Laws of Physics can be instantly bypassed just for them. To tell the truth, if I had a button for that, I’d also want a “Kill Customer In Randomly Amusing Manner” button.

    Guess which one I’d hit more often…

  11. I love my job as a tech support agent for DSL……at least i know i have job security. Every day its more than 100 calls on que. Always interesting on what i hear and go through

  12. Here’s some things to keep in mind when you call in;

    Every problem you have can be fixed. Not always by us, but by someone. Maybe.

    If your DSL (or READY) light is flashing; check that your filters are installed, and that there is NOT one on your modem. If you have a fax machine, answering machine, caller id, satellite tv system, security system, etc. ANYTHING THAT’S ON YOUR PHONE LINE EXCEPT FOR THE DSL MODEM: FILTER IT!

    If it’s not flashing, then there’s only so much we can do. If your modem has internal configuration, we’re going for that first. If we can’t get to it, we check for proxy servers, Local Area Connection being disabled, the TCP/IP Settings (they should be set to auto-obtain both IP and DNS) and that your Ethernet Card is enabled and working properly. If all these things are fine, we check your IP Address. If it’s not a 192.x.x.x, then we’ll uninstall and reinstall your Ethernet Card drivers. If you don’t have Windows XP, or the drivers disc (from the Ethernet Card Manufacturer) then you’ll be RTV’d (Reffered to Vendor). Expect it. Deal with it.

    Basically, when you call in, you tell us what’s wrong. Generally, this is going to be “My internet is broken,” or, “I can’t get online.”

    We ask some prodding questions, figure out the issue and try to fix it. There’s roughly 5-8 steps we can take before it’s either fixed, or we’re telling you to call someone else. This is how it works.

    If you keep us on the phone longer than 15 minutes, we are going to be less apt to want to fix your problem. The reason is we have to keep our call times or AHT (Average Handling Time) below 15 minutes. So if you’re a bumbling retard who doesn’t know what a right-click or an address bar is, we are going to hate you. We don’t even have to know you, we automatically hate you.

    If your name is hard to pronounce, let us call you Jim, or Jane, or whatever your “hopefully-easy-to-pronounce” first name is. Because we have to say your name at least THREE times during the call.

    If we say we can’t do something, it’s because we can’t. We can’t push your service ready date up, it’s impossible. It’s happened once. That person was friends with the Verizon CEO. That should tell you how hard it is to get that done.

    If your service was cancelled, you have one option. Reorder it. I take that back, don’t reorder it. That way, we don’t have to do this all over again.

    Don’t ask to speak to a supervisor when it’s negative. If you want us to do something, and we can’t, and you get mad and ask for a supervisor, here’s what happens. “Hey, can you take a negative escalation?” “Sure, waht’s it about?” “This guy wants me to do this, and I can’t.” — Supervisor get’s on the line — “Hi, I’m sorry, we can’t do that.”

    And the best thing you can do for a representative, and trust me, they will love you for this; when they start to say, “Mr./Mrs. Customer, it’s been my goal today to meet or exceed…” Interrupt them with a question. I don’t care what it is, it could be “What color is the sky?” Just interrupt them, let them answer, say thanks and goodbye and hang up. It’ll make us happy.

    I know you want your shit fixed. The problem is, I don’t want to deal with you if you’re angry, or if you lie to me. I know when you don’t have a filter on your phone. That’s what that noise is on the line, that’s why your DSL light is flashing, that’s why your speed is slow. Just do what we say, and things will be alright. Things may not get fixed, but you’re not going to have a fucking heart attack.


  13. interesting, very interesting, u not workin for the pr are u??? no, i dont think so. i think our problem mr dont have a heart attack, is that verizon lies, like everybody else, even the president, verizon doesnt care, like most people, even the president. and all i want is for my dsl to work like verizon told me it would, otherwise, i would have never dropped comcast’s cable, 30$ higher or wahtever, i would have paid extra to get this shit working, but right now i’m paying 30$ for nothing to work. and either i call and get a verizon dumbass, or i call and get some ass like yourself on his verizon donkey who wants me to know theres hunger in africa, i mean really, dont have a heart attack. and i’m not rude, no i even, i mean when i’m talkin to a dumbass, i even play like i’m also dumbass, but yes, i’m having a heart attack, and no dsl, so there u go.

  14. I have got to chime in on this. I am on hold with Verizon right now, have been for over an hour. This does not put a customer in a good mood when a rep finally decides to answer. If so many people are in the “que” then Verizon needs to hire more reps. The company is a complete joke. The CEO must be an idiot because this stuff starts right at the top and filters down to every single employee. We had 3 Verizon phone lines into our home. When we opened a new office we wanted to port 1 number over to Vonage. They ported 1 number over and shut off the other 2. When we asked them why they did this there was no explanation. When asked when the number could be restored I was told 2 weeks! To add insult to injury they told me there would be a connection fee. So after they screw up, they want to charge me money for their mistake. The company, in my opinon, needs a complete revamping starting with the CEO. Fire him/her and restructure the whole company. Give the support and sales people decent training, and instruct them that they are to do everything they can to help the customer. I have had these people hang up on me, fer cryin’ out loud! Anyway, I will be eliminating Verizon from my life as soon as I can resolve this last problem. Vonage has been great so far!

  15. So i’m one of the fiirst customers for Verizon in my area a few years back I get it running myself no problem 1.5 down, so I’m happy customer. A year later the $30 + tax plan changes to $55 plan and they try to give me the “opportunity” to stay with my speed. I decline they switch me to a frame relay account and cut my speed to 700k at the same rate, ok so now I’m not so happy but I stick around being lazy. Year goes by and now they are selling 3-4m for $30 but I’m stilll receiving 700k. Hmm what’s with that loyal customer for 3y, that sucks. Call up ask for a fix. Get the run around for weeks… oh we’re sorry you have to call this or that number. Do my own research looks like my modem is real old now, so I order a updated model. I finally get through to someone in “Retention” who seems to know what’s what he tells me I have to cancel my service then they can have sales call me to re-order and connect me with the new offering. Evidently that’s the only way they simply refuse to “upgrade” existing customers to existing services, no matter how many years and how good a customer You’ve been. To them upgrades mean they loose bandwidth for new customers I guess. Well another week has gone by my connection is still 700k they seem be ignoring me again. But they did send me another one of the 3year old modem models I already had for some dumb ass reason. Hell I ordered a 6100 then send me another fujitsu speedport that will not run at the rates they are offering this area. Really do they have anyone with a IQ over 10 at this place?

  16. I work in Verizon’s Residential Department. It’s a shame the entire company gets a bad rap for DSL’s imperfections. Unfortunately, Verizon is trying to keep up with the rest of the industry and are more interested in the quantity of people they sign up rather than making DSL a quality product. But I’d like to add this… if you’re interested in “HIGH” speed, we’re not for you. We offer faster speed service than Dial-up at comparable prices. So don’t complain when something takes 3 minutes on DSL that would take 1 minute on Cable for twice the price. Please….

    As far as you people who switch your phone lines to other companies (especially cable & VOIP providers): Please stop your bitching when things don’t work to your liking once the switch is done. Any problems, call your new company… they did the order, they fucked it up. Oh, and once you realize you need to switch back, yes it will take two weeks and there will be an installation cost because it’s being “installed” on our facilities from scratch. Don’t argue with us, there’s nothing we can do about it. What kills me is when we rush things and mess them up, you get mad. Gimme a break, you should’ve never left in the first place. (p.s. Do you even have 911 access? And if you do, can they track your address in an emergency? Yeah, but your new, cheap provider didn’t tell you that.)

    Lastly, why do you always want to speak to a supervisor? Don’t you know all they do is walk around the office pressuring us to sell you something? When you think we’re finally giving you a supervisor, it’s actually just another representative who does take-overs because they have more patience. Managers don’t want to bothered with your whining… even when you’re right. So if you really need something done, come on nicely, keep your initial ranting brief and at a low volume, and answer our questions so we can get to the bottom of your problem. If you feel a heart attack coming on, then forewarn us to not take your anger personally.

    Trust me when I say this. We get paid well. We’re not idiots like you think. I’m 24 and I made $70,000 last year listening to your crap. And the only reason I’m still with Verizon is because they’re paying for my Master’s Degree in Accounting. So stop with the condescending undertones, it’s only a reason for me to put you back in the queue.

  17. Just started at VOL DSL 3 weeks ago. Tuesday starts my first day out of tank. With all this hate mail, I’m a bit scared!

  18. Don’t be scared, VOLGuy. Honestly, Verizon DSL services sooooo many customers, but you only hear about the bad experiences. People don’t take the time to spread the word about the good stuff! lol. Hope everything works out for you.

  19. Verizon is the worst. I waited 2 months for my “dry-loop” DSL living in a fairly urban area, Boston. Once I was given a confirmation that my service was ready, the wrong modem they sent wouldn’t sync up with their system. I got to play mr fix it with some indian guy on the phone for a few hours a night for about a week untill I gave up. About a month later after 8 trouble tickets had been closed (I dont know why, there was still trouble) a real person came to the house and said the previous verizon guy wired my house wrong at the pole. Too bad I didnt have a tall enough ladder, maybe the Indian guy could have helped ME wire it right three weeks earlier when all the trouble started. Verizon is an abuseive monoploy. Becuase there are so few players in the market and they have the best prices they get away with doing whatever they want to customers including being totally unable to communicate with themselves and their customers when their service falls way short. I am waiting for my next battle with Verizon, they started double billing me for service I was suposed to get for free as well as for the time my service was not functioning and the wrong modem that was also suposed to be free. After getting the run around from a rep I just called my credit card company and had a card re-issued and the charges disputed. Fuck Verizon, lets see how good their masters level accountants are at finding out they aren’t getting paid. Oh yeah and you don’t have my ssn to go after my credit report… I was smart enough not to give it to you.

  20. It starts with “Let me Speak to your supervisor” and my whole morning is gone. I get on the phone and 90% of the time a get a rehash of the customer’s whole dsl experience and then I have to see if I can actualy do anything for them. Actually – that was the first week of my postion. Now I just listen and keep saying “Sorry there’s nothing I can do” and work on my tons of reports and paperwork that will build up if I ignore it too long.
    The point is a supervisor cant help you escalate anything – and if they can they learn not to really fast so they can keep their jobs as supervisors.
    Chances are really good that when you get a sup on the line, unless they won the lottery,they are upset for having to take the call and are seasoned in handling them. There is nothing you will be able to say that they haven’t heard before. They’re only goal is to get you off the line. If you got them they probaly wanted to get you off the techs line as well cause the call was taking too long.
    Here are some pointers for consideration –
    (1 Supervisors can not push srds – like stated by another commenter – I as well only seen it once and it was a very powerfull enitity that made it happen.
    (2 Dont scream yell and swear. On the off chance you do get someone able to help, you’ve just guaranteed they won’t. This also goes for regular tech support as well.
    (3 Techs are trained to help you get online with the basic setups – don’t call in expecting advance tech support – even the ones that could help you are not allowed.
    4)Dsl and phone are two seapate companies.
    These are just some basics – I could write all night on this easily. However please remeber that the tech support on the most part appreciate your business (it pays the bills) but are limited in what they are allowed to do and what they are able to do. There are other channels beside tech support and you might want to invesitgate them. Its a very big company with many departments and we are the lowest in the chain.

  21. hahahahhahaha I used to work for Verizon too. It is hilarious I must say. People are condesending to us and say all these remarks all the while we are laughing at you and purposely messing up your service even more when you are a big jerk. And like someone else said, we do get paid VERY well despite what you may believe. Verizon also has great benefits so while you’re being a big jerk, yelling and screaming and behaving like a fool, all the while we still get paid and your service is still messed up. I mean seriously, have you ever called in being an ass and then things go from bad to worse…that wasn’t coincidence. We’re all there, amused. While I’ve moved on to bigger and better things, I worked for Verizon for a year while finishing up my Master’s Degree in Business I enjoyed talking to nice people and making life hell for all you jerks out there. SO have fun out there 🙂

  22. Wow, that is amazing that you worked so hard to get a masters in business and you still are not fully satisfied with yourself. See people like you always need attention from people saying stuff like “oh that is so great of you, being the first from the trailer park to make it out of high school”. If you didnt you would go through such great lengths to get your voice heard. Here is a good question, if you are so haapy with yourself why would you find it funny to hurt other people who are just frustrated with a situation and if you didnt take it personally why do you have to be the one to rectify the situtation? Well I hope whatever company you go to does not deal with people. Dont worry about reply to my comments unlike you I chose not to let angry people tear me down so say what you want but I chose not to look at this web site again. For the record I dont like Verizon and all the angry reps are only showing me why there service is the way it is. Way to go Verizon!!!!

  23. Wow there are a lot of unhappy people out here. I currently work for verizon and there are problems on both sides. First of all Verizon constantly changes things often without ample notice to those of us that are employees there. A lot of times we have customers calling in asking about or for something and we know nothing about it. And it makes us look stupid, but it’s not our fault. There are people that have truly been screwed over by our company and for those people, I feel for. But for every person out there that has a legitimate complaint or really needs help with something there are also those who call in, yelling and screaming and using vulgar language. I, personally do not and will not do all that I can for someone who is rude. I understand that sometimes there are circumstances that will make someone angry but I am there to assist you, not be abused by you. And I admit that I really don’t care when someone loses it and takes their anger to another level. So just some advice when you are calling in, don’t call us four letter names, sometimes we’re just as screwed by verizon as you are. A lot of us are educated, pursuing education, etc. and can and want to help you the best we can. So just be nice!!

  24. I just ordered verizon wireless service(easy pay plan) Ordered it a week ago. got the phone and assigned number three days ago. for the past three days I’ve been following all instructions on activating my phone. pressed *228 to activate my phone. phone programmed successfully. However, whenever I try to make a call on my cellphone, I keep getting forwarded to verizon’s “national payment center”. Now wait a minute; I paid in advance for service. They have yet to activate my service. I have placed several calls to verizon wireless’ customer(dis)service line only to be referred to this number and that number. They finally transferred me to tech support. Tech Support told me that the account is set to be activated but is “stuck in a switch” and that there’s nothing they can do. I was also told that my account would be activated in 2- 8 hours.(yhis was 3 days ago and I still don’t have active service)I have been hounding them at least twice a day and don’t intend to stop until I have service. I may even take this as far as the ohio attorney general’s office, FTC and FCC. if anyone knows how I can get these people to get off their butts and get my service activated(again it’s already paid for) please let me know at dj1069@hotmail.com. Thanks!! By the way, I’ve had verizon’s residential service for almost 5 years and have had little to no problem

  25. I am usually one who doesn’t complain much but after my visit last nite to verizon, I just wanted to warn everyone. I brought my motorola E815 in for service because since I’ve owned it whenever I flipped it open it would go to another screen (camera, voice command etc..) nothing major just a little annoying. I went into the store and after explaining to him what was going on he said they had some software improvements he could download and it would take 30 minutes, They were also going to set my online capability since for the last few months after canceling vcast I have been unable to get online and when I called customer service they couldn’t figure it out from their computer and advised me to stop by a store. I also was going to purchase a memory card so I could download my pictures and print them. I asked him if I should save my pictures now before he started the upgrades (since the last time I brought a phone there they fried it) and he said no this won’t affect my memory. After an hour I asked him if everything was ok, and his response was I’m not sure, after further inquiring about it he said my phone will come on but freezes(same fate of my last phone he programmed) Then he started saying “well this is the problem you were having” I corrected him and told him no it wasn’t and then proceded to tell him that was the same excuse he gave me the last time he messed my phone up (does verizon train their technicians?). He played around with it for a few more minutes before they closed sticking paper clips and screwdrivers in it. I expressed to him that the 150 pictures and video of my son in their are the only captured images I have left of my son and that the sentimental importance of them is irreplaceable. His reponse was to blame motorola and say that they don’t let them download images just contact lists. I asked since I have insurance let me pay the $50 and keep the phone and I will take it to someone to try to have the memory retrieved and he said there is no repair possible. So they gave me a new phone which by the way already needs to be reflashed with the correct software for the static according to tech line. So if your ever in Tallahassee,Fl. DO NOT go to the market square location and if you go into a store and AARON is working there RUN!! I would love to see how they train there so called “technicians”

  26. I am usually one who doesn’t complain much but after my visit last nite to verizon, I just wanted to warn everyone. I brought my motorola E815 in for service because since I’ve owned it whenever I flipped it open it would go to another screen (camera, voice command etc..) nothing major just a little annoying. I went into the store and after explaining to him what was going on he said they had some software improvements he could download and it would take 30 minutes, They were also going to set my online capability since for the last few months after canceling vcast I have been unable to get online and when I called customer service they couldn’t figure it out from their computer and advised me to stop by a store. I also was going to purchase a memory card so I could download my pictures and print them. I asked him if I should save my pictures now before he started the upgrades (since the last time I brought a phone there they fried it) and he said no this won’t affect my memory. After an hour I asked him if everything was ok, and his response was I’m not sure, after further inquiring about it he said my phone will come on but freezes(same fate of my last phone he programmed) Then he started saying “well this is the problem you were having” I corrected him and told him no it wasn’t and then proceded to tell him that was the same excuse he gave me the last time he messed my phone up (does verizon train their technicians?). He played around with it for a few more minutes before they closed sticking paper clips and screwdrivers in it. I expressed to him that the 150 pictures and video of my son in their are the only captured images I have left of my son and that the sentimental importance of them is irreplaceable. His reponse was to blame motorola and say that they don’t let them download images just contact lists. I asked since I have insurance let me pay the $50 and keep the phone and I will take it to someone to try to have the memory retrieved and he said there is no repair possible. So they gave me a new phone which by the way already needs to be reflashed with the correct software for the static according to tech line. So if your ever in Tallahassee,Fl. DO NOT go to the market square location and if you go into a store and AARON is working there RUN!! I would love to see how they train there so called “technicians” I guess I’ve learned to save my valuables before letting them attempt to fix my phone.

  27. to OMG, I know this is a little late but, did you ever think that you didnt get a 6100 because its not a frame modem? the fujitsu is the only frame modem verizon has, so if you got a 6100 it wouldnt work fucktard.

  28. Ok, I’ve gone to a few “verizon sucks” boards and read over the comments. I work at VZW and have been there for 4 long years. Going to work these days seems like every day is the same. I used to love my job but I’ve grown to dislike it in ways that are unimagineable. I’ve seen our customers become more greedier and more rude in the past couple of years. If any of you are in the ohio/michigan area, you may remember the “good ole’ days” when we gave out credits left and right as well as free phones. Well, those days are long over. One thing you should all keep in mind is that we’re consumers just like you are. I pay for my cell service just like you and I have other bills just like you. Believe it or not, our cell service is NOT free because we work there. I know our billing system is not perfect and sometimes mistakes are made that we’re responsible for. I take over 100 calls a day, out of that number, maybe 1 or 2 calls relate to a billing error that was caused by verizon. Yes, our bills are somewhat confusing but if you would just take 5 minutes of your time to go online and really look at that breakdown of your bill, you probably wouldn’t even need to call in. People aren’t willing to take responsibility of their misuse of their cell phones then call in and expect verizon to give them a credit because they’re a “long time customer”. Do you call your electricity company and ask them for credit because yeah, you did use more electricity this month but you’ve been a customer for years? I highly doubt it. Verizon doesn’t make the phones you use, we sell them for use on our network. Almost every product you buy in your life comes with a standard 1 year warranty. We offer an extended warranty at the time you buy your phone for 1.99 a month but does anyone listen to that option? Usually not because you’re too busy worrying about the cool functions of your phone. If you let your kid play with your phone and he/she downloads 4 games to your phone, it’s not our responsibility to credit it. Every phone comes with the function of a keypad lock. Yeah, it may be inconveniant but it’s a guarantee that no one will use your phone without your permission. Also, there’s really no reason to be rude to us. I will admit that misinformation happens. Unfortunately we have a lot of people calling in, usually with questions that they should already know the answers to, so verizon has to keep hiring a bunch of new people. I really understand that it’s frustrating to get the wrong info. Sometimes I even get the wrong information internally at work, it does suck. But most of the information you guys are looking for are in black and white either on your contract or at the website. A lot of it is common sense, too. It’s obvious that if you make a call to Canada, which is still NOT a part of the United States, you will be billed for an international phone call. I also agree with the previous employee…if you’re going to call in, don’t lie. We see a lot of information in our screens. Don’t tell us you didn’t make those calls because everytime you place a call, your phone’s ESN (electronic serial number) is emitted to the tower that takes your call…that, in turn, is reported to our billing system. So before you start claiming fraud, think hard about that number and be sure you really didn’t call it. Also, asking for a supervisor hardly ever results in resolution for you. Verizon wireless prides its employees on empowerment. I can ultimately make any decision that a supervisor can. If any of you are business people, you should also realize that like with any other business, there are guidelines you follow. Customer service reps and supervisors do not set these guidelines, we just follow them. Usually what happens when you ask for a sup is we get one on the line, tell them the situation and they agree with what i’ve already told you. So now you’ve spent 20 mins arguing with me, another 10 on hold for a sup and in the end, you’re just going to be told no. Using the line “but they’ve credited it before…” also will get you no where. In fact, just mentioning that we’ve given you a credit for something you probably shouldn’t have been credited for to begin with is a bad idea. We see your account history, we know how many times you’ve been credited and for what you were given that credit for. If it’s a legit billing error, we’ll fix it but don’t expect us to give you a break because you can’t afford your bill this month. I’m not trying to offend anyone but these are excuses that people really give us. I feel bad for those of you who are going through a divorce or are on a fixed income, but honestly, I don’t need to know about that. When you’re done telling me your life story, do I get to tell you mine? I’m sure you wouldn’t really care just like I really don’t. I’m there to resolve your cellular issues, not your life problems. If you swear at me or verbally abuse me, you’ve lost any chance that I’ll go above and beyond to help you. We know you’re mad and frustrated, we are too, but we don’t take it out on you and we expect the same respect. Again..it’s just plain common sense. If your phone is not working right, please use common sense and don’t call us from your cell phone. We don’t have a button on the screen that says “fix all problems”. We need you off of the phone in order to assist you so don’t get mad when we tell you that we need you off the phone but you don’t have another phone because you’re driving. It’s not even safe to troubleshoot a phone while driving. Cell phones weren’t ever meant to be used in homes and buildings, that’s what payphones and house phones are for. My phones don’t always work at home…i deal with it. Yeah, I said phones. Not only do I carry my verizon phone but I also have a contract with tmobile. I’ve had tmobile for over 7 years and I can honestly say that while I’m happy with their service, Verizon’s coverage is just better. For those of you in the midwest, I’m sure you remember the big blackout last summer. Verizon was the only network up and running without any major problems. No company out there is perfect and you shouldn’t realistically expect verizon to be perfect either. Dropped calls are normal in cellular service. Don’t believe anyone who says they NEVER had a dropped call because they’re lying. Don’t assume that when a call drops that it’s necessarily your phone…if you’re talking to someone on their cell phone, it could also be their phone that dropped, not yours. While I don’t agree with the tone the other Verizon reps used in the posts above, i agree with their perspective to a certain point. I do find it funny though the many times that I hear customers say they’re going to hire an attorney to sue verizon because they don’t want to pay a high bill. I’ve had people claim to be attorneys say that to me but what really kills me is that if they’re really attorneys, you’d think they’d read the contract, especially the part that states that any legal dispute goes through an arbitrator, not a court. But oh well…you can’t please everyone I guess. All I’m asking is before you pick up your phone to dial *611 to complain about your bill, at least look at it first and TRY to understand it. I’m sick of people calling in wanting to know why their bill is so high but they haven’t even looked at it yet. How can you dispute something if you don’t even know what you’re disputing? Trust me, if you’re nice and patient with your customer service rep, you might actually hang up satisfied. In the end, we’re people just like you and I highly doubt you’d want someone to call you all pissed off and yelling for something that isn’t necessarily your personal fault.

  29. Verizon?
    Once upon a time there was a GREAT phone company called “Bell”. The whole world looked at them and said “Boy if we work hard and model our company like Bell, we too could be the best”.

    Today: One of the worst managed companies.

    What the fuck did professors teach in universities about business and management since then? To go from the best to the worst and not only because of divestiture.

    I deal with these ASS HOLES every frickin day and I”ve seen it all.
    Years ago ALL employees received great training and had PRIDE in their jobs. Today they receive minimal training and even if they received the training of old, they would still suck because they, for the most part they are stupid people.
    All of the qualified employees have left the company sick to their stomachs seeing all of the bull shit going on.

    The problem is not only DSL services, it’s accross the board with residence and business services. They make it a practice to bend the truth and that comes down from the VERY TOP. You got to love it!!!

    I ask you, how would you like make around $68.00 per hour between wages and benefits. Would you be pissed all the time, be lazy, push off your responsibility to a fellow worker,take no pride in your work……..?
    Thats todays Verizon Techs for the most part.

    Try this on for size: I worked with a Verizon tech last week, I’ve known him the past three years, this kid was a breath of fresh air every time we worked together. But I can see the writing on the wall, they are starting to burn him out. It turns out his new supervisor is a real ass hole, he has NO telecom background, in fact he was a paint sales man; Yee-Ha!!
    He keeps bugging the kid and asking why it takes so long to complete his work tickets, maybe he’s doing his job unlike others in the company? First of all this painter couldn’t understand the kids answer if he wanted to, you know, all of his vast background in the Telecom industry!!! This is one of only a VERY few Verizon techs worth a damn and he’s going to qiut.

    What to do:
    1, Terminate 80% of upper management
    2, remove all the business models in place
    3, rehire some of the old employees
    4, Get rid of the union but still pay well
    5, get everyone back on line and proud of there company and work

    yep- we are all F-ed, this will never happen. God Bless Americe
    We Need It

  30. OOPS my bad.
    I noticed a typo in my rant. (they)
    “Today they receive minimal training and even if they received the training of old, they would still suck because they, for the most part (they) are stupid people.”
    Hell, I get to typing and don’t look back; I’m stupid.

  31. Verizon SUUUUCKS

    I called on 3/29/06 to sign up for DSL service. They said that a DSL modem would be sent within a week. I called on 4/5/06 to check on the status of the delivery. I was told that I will receive the modem on Thursday 4/6 or Friday 4/7.I called on 4/10/06 to check on the status of my delivery and was told that my modem was delivered on 4/4. I hung up the phone and called the gatehouse at my condo and, of course, it wasn’t there. The manager at the gatehouse had never heard of the name I was given for the person that signed for the package. I called Verizon back and I was told I was being transferred to Teleproducts. I was given a number in case I was disconnected. I was then transferred to the same number that I had just called. I tried called the different number that I was given and it went to the same automated phone tree.
    I waited to speak with another Verizon rep. I was given a different number this time. I called the new number and it was Teleproducts! Oh joy, they were closed! I was able to use the automated phone tree to find my UPS tracking number though. I checked my order status at the UPS website. To my surprise, I saw that my package HAD been delivered…back to the warehouse in the wrong state. I called Verizon to relay that my delivery had gone back to the warehouse and not to my home and arranged to have a new modem sent. I wasted 40 minutes on the phone to sort out Verizon’s problem for them. They thought that I had received my modem. I asked for compensation for the time that I had spent on the phone and the time that I don’t have my modem. I was told that I would need to call billing, which had closed while I was on the phone straightening out the delivery situation. On 4/11/06 I spoke with a person at Verizon Billing and was told that I would receive a 2 week credit on my next bill in the amount of $16. Wow, my time is cheap. I called Verizon on 4/12/06 and I was given a new UPS tracking number and told my page was in transit. I checked the number and this delivery was made to the wrong state too. It showed my package as “delivered”. It was a different state than the first delivery. Verizon is getting closer! Maybe they will get it to me eventually through process of elimination. After being on the phone for 30 minutes I was told that I would need to place the order again by calling Verizon back and asking for Teleproducts. Oh, them again. I called back and Teleproducts was not an option on the phone tree. I tried to select orders, new and equipment but the voice recognition program would not understand the work equipment. I was connected with tech support instead. I asked to speak with a supervisor. After explaining my situation and spending 20 minutes on the phone he told me that he couldn’t help me. I would need to call back between 9-5pm and speak with Teleproducts. I spent 1 more hour on the phone with Verizon tonight.

  32. I support a 150-heads/15-locations financial services company spread out over the eastern seaboard (and a few places outside), I’ve dealt with all the major ISPs in our markets (Verizon, Cavalier, Comcast, Adelphia, EarthLink, TimeWarner, USLEC) as well as a few local shops out in the boonies, and without a doubt, Verizon is far and away THE WORST when it comes to customer service, sales, billing, and trouble resolution in my experience.

    Other ISPs may have statistically more or worse technical problems, but when those happen, you can actually talk to someone who can help you WITHOUT waiting on hold and being transferred from person to person for over an hour before something meaningful happens, and these other companies actually deliver what they say they will with few complications.

    It comes down to simple math — I’d rather have 5 problems that each take 20 minutes of my time to fix in a given year as opposed to having 1 problem a year that takes 300 minutes of my time to fix. Sure, if competent reps were handling my 1 Verizon problem a year, they could get it fixed in 20-30 minutes. But Verizon doesn’t hire those people.

    At this point I will not purchase any more Verizon services unless there are NO alternatives, and when I do I have to document everything said and confirm everything back to the Verizon reps THREE TIMES before I trust them to stand a chance of not fucking something up.

  33. John Kapili Mar 10 2006
    Related Quotes 2/1/2000 GTE 73 1/4
    Related Quotes 2/1/2000 BEL 61 15/16
    Related Quotes 3/09/2006 VZ 33.58

    Its been six LONG YEARS and Verizon cannot show any leadership. All Verizon can do is take from the very people that made them what they where. Verizon is like a big leach sucking the life out of all of US.
    Can You Hear Me Now!!!!!!

  34. Verizon played me for a fool. I signed up with a $40.00 plan with 300 anytime minutes, and I got ripped off by Verizon. During the month I used 20 minutes Verizon would bill me $40 plus taxes, which was fine. For the month that I used 200 minutes, they would lower my plan to 19.99, which includes only 50 anytime minutes. For the month I used the most minutes, my bill would come up to $100.00. Verizon is playing games with customers, and yet people are still signing up with Verizon. The bottom line is Verizon can suck as many asses that they want, but they will not make one more cent from me. Can you hear me emptying someone’s bank account, that is the Verizon model.

  35. Damn looks like Verizon really have issues and I thought it was just eveyone else. Customer service is terrible, I mean by far the worst i have dealt with but we will discuss that later.

    I went online to order DSL service and signed up for the El Cheapo package $14.95 a month. Anyway they sent the DSL Router a few days later but when they emailed me the installation notification via email I noticed the phone number was wrong. So I called and got transfered through 5 different people and the only solution they could do is cancel the initial order with the wrong phone number and replace it with a new order. The new order will be delayed for 1 more week but I was fine with it no big deal. However, they told me that the price has changed to $17.99 so I would have to pay for the new price, this is about a week later so I guess the price went up. I explained that I understand that the problem was the wrong phone number but when I first ordered the rate was $14.95 why $17.99 now ? I did not think it was fair but I mean it was a few bucks a month so it comes down to the principle of things. All the Customer Service reps keep saying there is nothing they can do and they would transfer me to retension department, they came back and say retention could not do anything so I proceeded to cancel my order.

    After that I thought not one person could come up with some kind of resolution and I dont understand why a supervisor would not be able to override the price difference, after all I did order at the time the price was $14.95. So I called back and I wanted to ask for the address where I can write a complaint letter and I want the names of all the people that have NOT TRIED to help me. She changed her tune, she decided to talk to the billing department to credit me upfront the difference of $3 a month x 12months plus tax so it will come out to be $36 plus tax amount and the monthly bill will be $17.99. After 1 year contract the price will be $17.99 but then I will probably cancel and the rates of DSL will be even more competative a year from now.

    I dont think any Customer Service person is necessary a bad person. I assume that they want to help people and dont mind talking to people over the phone all day therefore they applied for that job. However I think Verizon customer service structure as a company needs to be revamped. All it take is a bad experience and at least 10 people will know about it. I have seen a lot of bad experiences written online but if you really look at it the structure is bad. They may need better training through education courses, all departments needs to work better together, have supervisors more involved to help the reps. All the reps voice sounds jaded from working at customer service.

  36. On the plus side, my Verizon internet experience has been fairly positive. It is blazing fast on my computer.

    On the minus side, customer support is at the lowest level I’ve ever seen. I don’t like to bother someone until I am absolutely sure I have done everything on my end so I run through every conceivable check to see if the problem (when I have one), is on my end. I also wait a considerable amount of time, in case they are implimenting one of their famous, “We are in the process of upgrading your Verizon experience” nonsense programs. I still haven’t once seen any difference and this has happened a number of times.

    Anyway, when I finally run out of options, I give tech support an email – of course, after using the useless, generic, good for nothing unless you’re a complete idiot who shouldn’t even be using a computer, help system. EVERY time, I receive a form email response directing me to the useless online help system – never fails! Only after about 3 tries and then, turning nasty do I ever get an honest, specific response.

    The most recent one is another great example of how pathetic their service is. I have 2 email addresses that send to my inbox – 1 of which is constantly a source of spam. That one, I have set in a filter – everytime I receive something from that address, it’s deleted. However, there are sometimes that I need to use an email address for something that I know will eventually produce more spam, so I open the filter, use that address to get the info emailed, then reapply the filter again.

    You can imagine my surprise when I went to email options the other day to find that (probably due to their trying to enhance my Verizon experience again), ALL email filter options and block sender options are GONE. Just like that! No more!. This is obviously not going to be in the generic help files, so I attempted multiple times to email them with a simple question: “What happened to the block sender and filter options?!”

    Guess what? Their stupid ’email support’ system is ALSO not working! There’s a shock! It’s called, “We know our service sucks so we’re just not going to bother with it.” At least, that’s the impression that comes across.

    I’m just glad I’m not the only one who has a problem with these people. Maybe it’s time to go back to Juno!

  37. Oh and by the way, “one rep tired of all your bitching and abuse,” is a perfect example of the totally illiterate staff they hire to work their customer support! Nice spelling/grammar, etc! No wonder they can’t answer any questions – they probably don’t even speak the language!

  38. Verizon is supposedly the place to work here if you want to make $70K and have great benefits. I was thinking about applying because I want to go back for my Masters. Basically, customer service sucks everywhere these days and tech support is always a joke so I am not surprised at the comments. I actually don’t get offended by people yelling and screaming in my ear all day. I just fix the issue for every customer and move on. If I can’t, I will at least put you in touch with the person who is supposed to fix it. From there it is out of my hands. I just want to know if it is a place where I can go to work, do my job, and be left alone. Any employees or ex-employees have an opinion?

  39. It’s true; I agree …..VerizonWireless just plain sucks along with the poorest customer service. Customer service from the lowest level to the managerial level has no integrity. What do they care about the most..ummm..service agreement, but hey, it’s okay. Let’s see..”your new doesn’t work, so we’ll send you two refurbs that don’t work”. That’s quality for ya. No matter how much you complain, write, dispute; it makes no difference until the government gets involved. They’re the only one with enough money to make a change. From the postings, looks like a few of the verizon wireless people are upset…good learn how to support your service and product you trash out to unsuspecting people.

  40. well i think things will change in customer service due to the changing nature of businesses ‘s competativeness and changing business models. From the Verizon DSL aspect, more and more DSL services and cable modem services will be offered in the future and pricing and customer service of Verizon DSL competitors will make their system change whether management like it or not. Just give it 2 years MAX and things will change.

  41. How long do you Verizon reps think you will have jobs that pay $70,000 dollars a year? Perhaps you can afford the same style of living in India, where all your jobs are going to be shipped. Of course we whiners become assholes when we are on the phone to you. It’s becuase Verizon concistently drops the ball, screws up orders, lies, and never has any accountability. Problem? Welcome to the world of “Nothing ever gets done right”
    Pissed, okay, we’ll just screw you up more ’cause we chose to work for a company that doesn’t care. Thanks to the Verizon folks out there that actually provided some info that could help. You are among the few, and should be proud.

  42. I just hate the fact that they have no email address for thier support. I guess it would get jammed with complaints. Calling them is a pain with prompts and when they do come on they are some lakcie in India with a name like George or Joe. Gesh! I want to list my websapce in the community directory. But it will not work. They keep telling me it’s my machine. Yea, get off you dotted head ass people. Give me a real tech! Not some AOL reject (that was redundent. AOL support is all full of rejects)…

  43. to the 30 yr tech, who wants to get rid of the union, but still pay well….lol good luck. If you truly have been with the company for 30 yrs you know what greedy bastards Ivan and the gang are! Pay well, you have to be paid well to do this job. To all the customers complaining..stop..think. Is your dsl not working the end of the world? Is anyone sick or dying? NO? Then just resolve that you are dealing with a huge company that has many different departments and that yes you will have to be xfd to another dept for different problems, ever been to a department store? They seperate the depts, womens clothes, mens clothes, etc.., you know like the residental dept(for you home phone), wireless, dsl, onebill. We don’t know each other and some of us are not even union. The company does not want us to work together, from this would come unity and they don’t want that. And if you put it in percepective, a handful of you have problems when the majority of you have your phone service without problems. If you are still not getting this, think about this you can sit an hour on hold and then speak to someone who does not speak clear english, who pretends to be named Mary and is sitting in India, where she is getting 3.50/hr, where shopping malls are popping up daily because we are outsourcing the good union jobs. Now thats fustration!

  44. I worked for VZW for a few years before getting a better position at a different company. Some of the customers were as nice as can be and others were idiotic, whiny, stupid motherfuckers who swear they never talked that much, or someone must be illegally using my phone, or i have no idea whose # that is on my bill. Dumbass excuses from dumb bitches. Wanna cancel service?..bye bitch, who gives a fuck..go ahead to Cingular. t-mobile, or Sprint where they will really give you something to complain about. And that guy above G.Lee who said VZW changed his price plan when he used a certain amount of minutes..LIAR. They can’t do that and won’t do that, I’m sure he misunderstands his bill every month and has the nerve to post that shit on here. They are human just like you guys. They get tired of all your excuses, i want credit for my late fee because I never got the bill, so what? They aren’t the fucking postal service. Is the address correct? Then that’s all they can do. I liked my job but some of you people need to get a life. Here’s a list of things VZW customers must realize:

    1. They don’t make the phones or provide the warranty.
    2. They can see your info, they know when you are lying.
    3. They don’t need to hear your life story or personal issues when calling.
    4. You wouldn’t dare speak to them in the manner some of you do when
    calling if you were standing in their faces.
    5. Your threats of an attorney are powerless and comical.
    6. They’re getting paid regardless.
    7. Once you become disrepectful, you can forget fervent efforts of being
    8. Ladies, do you think things are really going to change by putting your husband on the phone?
    9. Listening is a powerful tool.
    10. Don’t fucking call bothering those reps because your bill is off by a few fucking cents.

  45. Ok… well there are sure very stupid people on the world & it seems that everyone of those has verizon as their online service.
    I currently work for verizon tech support & I like my job, but it get´s anoying when people call about the same problem over & over again.
    For example there is no day when I don´t get a call when someone stupid as hell says: “I forgot my password”, or “I can´t connect since I installed (insert software name here)”. I get about 60% of these calls everyday.
    And also,why the hell are you so fucking racist? When you call to for assistance & the rep. has an accent, you automatically ASSUME that your calling to India. There are no callcenters for verizon in India. You American´s are so damn stupid. When you need help with anything you shouldn´t care what nacionality they have, if you get shot & someone offers help do you ask if they are indian, mexican, african, or anything other than american.
    Another thing, do you think by raising your voice, or by insulting us you´re going to resolve anything. If we couldn´t help you when you where acting “nice” what makes you think that raising your voice resolves anything.

    And people please think before you say anything stupid:

    > Thank you for calling verizon online dial up Technical Support my name is Jim, how can I help you today
    CX> Hello Jim, for some reason I can´t connect…

    See what I say?

  46. Jim,

    It would be nice if I didn’t have to call tech support 14 times within a 48 hour period. For such a group of incompetent assholes as yourselves, you need to thank God that you have a job of any kind! Considering that we’re paying your salary, why don’t you stfu and learn how to do your job? On second thought, I’ll take my business elsewhere, and you can kiss my tight ass, moron.

  47. I currently work for Verizon DSL Tech support as well. First of all, there is callcenters in India, Pakistan, Philippines, London, Mexico (spanish support), Canada, and the US. I work at a callcenter located in Texas. Most (or all) Tech support centers are outsourced by other companies, and they pay low wages. Verizon pays there sales agents on commision, so the agents lie to get more orders to push up there commision agents. There broken promises, then, reflect upon the agents that are obligated to fix your issues. Verizon has a broken system that needs some serious TLC. I see agents on here bad mouthing the customers, but as “Rob adcox” said, the customers do enable us to get a check in the mailbox every week. Verizon has alot of customers, therefore, with a system like theres, they have alot of angry and disgruntled customers. I do not have a problem with customers yelling in my ear about there problems (because thats what I get paid to do), and that does not give me the right to screw with you or your service. The only problem about the bitching and moaning is, it slows me down from fixing (or attempting to fix) your problem. So, really, it is just a choice that you have to make. As far as Tech support, there isnt really anything we can do to screw with your service besides resetting your password or lie to you. Anyways, just thought I might throw in my 2 cents….

  48. Verizon’s tech support is so screwed up its unbelievable. I don’t think this is the fault of the poor men and women answering the phone. I think the management at Verizon has set things up so that unless you’re calling with 1 of 5 or 6 problems that can be fixed using the script provided to the guys answering the phones, you’re totally SOL. Not only that, but the logic in the way they do things is complete out of whack.

    Case in point… I’ve had DSL from Verizon for over three years. I’ve never changed anything even remotely related to the DSL – not the wiring, not the phones, not the filters – nothing.

    One day last week my DSL simply stopped working. Completely dead. The only light lit on my DSL modem is the power light (when normally the data and modem light would also be lit). So I call up. Even though the first thing I tell the guy is that the lights are not lit, he takes me through a scripted series of questions and things to try – being somewhat of a tech savy person most of them to me sound like “are you another idiot customer?”, especially since almost none of them could possibly be related to the symptoms I’ve described, but being in a good mood at this point, I humor him and tolerate all of it. After we go through about 30 minutes of me checking connections, cycling the modem’s power. plugging in to different phone jacks, ect. , and he tests my line, he explains to me that he can’t help, but that he’ll escalate my problem to the network support group and I should have a call back in 24-72 hours, and he gives me the ticket number.

    Fast forward 72 hours. No call back. So I call Verizon again. The rep on the phone explains that the network support group had immediately closed my ticket 3 days earlier because no one had entered into their system the best time for the technician to come to my house. WTF? The guy on the phone 3 days ago never said anything about a tech coming to my house, never asked me what time or anything else of the sort. So I ask this guy to make me a new ticket and to schedule an appointment, which he does for two days later. He also asks me for an alternate contact number and so I give him my cell #.

    So two days go by and I arrange to stay home from work so that I can be there when the tech comes out. Only no one shows, so I call up and I find out that my appointment was cancelled. “Why?” I ask? Because they had called my home # the night before, and since I wasn’t home, they cancelled my appointment? WTF? I said to them that if it was necessary to contact me, why did they not call my cell phone # which I gave them previously and that they specifically asked me for. I was told that its up to the Verizon central office to decide which of the two numbers to call. I asked him why on earth they wouldn’t call both if the consequence of not being able to reach me is that the appointment gets cancelled without notifying me, and he re-iterated that its their choice which number to call. Unbelievable. So I schedule another appointment for the following Monday, and after I ask him what assurance I have that my appointment won’t be cancelled again simply because Verizon feels like doing so, the guy tells me that he’s noting specifically in the ticket to call my cell phone first.

    So then, later that afternoon, I get a call on my cell from someone at Verizon. After about 5 minutes on the phone with him, he announces to me “Ah-ha! I see the problem!”. So with high hopes I ask him “Really, what?” He tells me that 4 days before the problem even started, an order was placed on my account to shut off my DSL. I can’t even explain how shocked and dumbfounded I was at this point. Certainly I did not do this. So I ask him “How? Why? By whom? I didn’t do this!” He can’t answer me, all he can tell me is that I’ll have to call up the main number and REORDER MY DSL! WTF? So I’m like fine, whatever.

    So now I call back the main number and try to go through the menu options to do this. But at one point it asks me for my number so that they can test my line for DSL eligibility. It inists that DSL is not available on my line – quite interesting since I already have it, or used to have it, or who the fuck knows anymore.

    So by this point the ‘lil lady is calling me, asking what’s going on. She can’t believe my story – I can’t blame her, neither can I. So we get on the phone together and call up again, choose the tech support option so that we can get a person on the phone. I explain to him that the last guy told me they shut off our DSL – it takes him about 15 minutes of research before he believes me – and he specifically admits that Verizon screwed up – he also cannot tell me why our DSL was disabled.. He says he was confused because our account still indicates that it has DSL – its only when he checks another system to see if there is actualy DSL enabled on our line that he sees there isn’t. He tells me too that we need to call back, cancel our ‘existing’ DSL and re-order it. I say “Can’t you do that for us”. His answer – no. Worse, the department that handles this is closed and won’t be open again until Monday. I explain to him how inconvinienced we’ve already been by this, that he’s admitted its Verizon’s fault, so can’t Verizon just take care of this and turn it back on? Why do we as the customer who’s been wronged have to call back and deal with yet more of Verizon’s unhelpful beuracracy just to get this resolved? If he’s telling me we have to call up to cancel and then re-order, why shouldn’t we just call up and cancel, then order internet access through our cable provider? He says there’s nothing he can do. He also lets it drop that once we call, it will be 1-2 weeks before we’re back up and running again. Completely unbelievable.

    Right now, I’m waiting for their office to open tomorrow morning so I can call and either resolve this with Verizon, or resolve to get cable.

    Like I said, I don’t blame the poor guys on the phone – they’re limitted by training and by management in terms of what they can do. But the fact that one day a customer’s DSL service could be shut off for no reason and seemingly at random, and that they’re completely unwilling to do anything short of making us go through the hassle and inconvinience of reordering, it just blows my mind away.

  49. Marvin makes a good point. The problem is clearly with management for failing to train the tech employees sufficiently. Clearly Obscure, that was an excellent post. Verizon upper management is playing the “quantity over quality” game. They’re also trying to fool us into thinking that all will be well with recorded messages that remind us “your business is our number one priority” and “this call may be monitored and recorded” (hopefully not by the NSA). I never did get my issue resolved and as of yesterday I returned the dsl equipment to Verizon and cancelled my dsl service with them.

  50. hey i really like verizon thay are cool they have been really good to me ever scence i have had them!!!!!1

  51. Jim,

    It seems if anyone here is a racist it would be you. Calling us dumb Americans can only be interpeted one way and shows what an asshole you are. You are clearly a poor excuse for a rep, lets not even get into the code of conduct.
    We both know that the verizon dsl tech support has offices in both canada and in novia scotia. I assume you are in canada. Outsoursing is outsoursing, you dont have to be in India to haven stolen our jobs.

  52. So today I finally cancelled my Verizon DSL and went with Comcast. You can see my post a few above this one for most of my sad story.

    Bottom line is, I called Monday as directed, girl who answered the phone took about 10 minute of research before she believed me when I said that my DSL had been turned off and needed to be turned back on. She supposedly made the arrangements and told me it would take 3-4 days. At this point, I pointed out to her that every time I call, it takes the rep 10-15 minutes of research before they believe me when I tell them that Verizon shut off my service. So I asked her to please attach a note in whatever customer service system the reps look at first summarizing my situation and indicating that the order to turn my DSL back on was made.

    Fast forward to today (Friday). I ended up speaking to three different tech support reps. None of them believed me when I told them Verizon shut off my service. None of them could find any record of the order to turn my service back on. This despite the fact I specifically asked them on Monday to note this on my account. The last guy actually asked me what operating system my computer uses… I explained to him that since Verizon shut off my DSL service, the operating system used by my computer has absolutely nothing to do with the problem at hand. I mean, either the reps are just dumb, or they do not have authority to deviate from their scripted procedures. Very frusterating in either case.

    I do have to say one good thing about Verizon – every time I’ve called tech support, the ordering department, or the billing department, once I make it through all of the voice prompts, they answer the phone very quickly – I don’t think I’ve ever even waited 30 seconds.

    That is until my fourth call today, when, having finally had enough, I called up and selected the cancel option on the voice prompts. This time, it took at least 10 minutes to get someone on the phone.

    When someone finally did answer, they tried everything they could to get me to stay or to sign up again. This included conferencing me in with a tech support manager, someone they said was higher up than anyone I could have possibly spoken to so far. The manager seemed oblivious to the fact that they were supposed to have turned our service on already – the best she could offer was a 3-4 day wait before it would possibly be turned on. I politely told the manager no thank you, and got back on the phone with the retention agent. At this point, they revealed to me that if I did sign up again, my service would be four times faster, and cheaper to boot. I’m a long term, loyal customer. If they actually valued me as a customer, they’d have had me up and running by this point. But not only that, if they could have given me better service for less money, they should have let me know a long time ago.

    Anyway, they lost me as a customer today due to their complete inability to fix my problem – in fact, not only couldn’t they fix my problem in a timely manner, they seemed completely unable to track my call history or anything about my problem.

    For a company the size of Verizon, that’s pathetic.

  53. (1 Supervisors can not push srds – like stated by another commenter – I as well only seen it once and it was a very powerfull enitity that made it happen.

    Originally posted:12/5/2005 4:53 PM by confession of a rep

    The powerfull entity was Donald Trump!!!

    Trying to get an SRD pushed for a Battered Womens Shelter and then on the same day finding out Donald Trump got his service up and running as soon as it was ordered was a little upsetting.

  54. Ok I’am Verizon Tech support, and I can’t Speak for all the Tech support members out there. But Most of the Times We can’t do anything. And the Things we can do, take forever cause You people don’t want to spend the time, to answers the Questions we ask to get an idea of your setup, You moan and Complain…Ok well not everyone but most of you do. All We can really do is check your line, and do what we think is best.
    But the one thing I hate above all else, is when people call and get me, and they complain aout how they have had no services for over a month, and this id their frist call to Tech Support….

    Not to worry I’am Human There are things on Our side that Make The job Hell.
    Other Deparments. I hate having to call other Dep. to transfer a costumer, 90% of them seem like I ruined there day.

    Talking about Transfer I hate when a Costumer call to get tech support and they get billing, Billing moves them to sales, Sales move them to Billing, Then they hit me. By now their pissed which my job easier since they are yelling in my Ear.

    After a While we kinda lose hope. Like I said I can’t speak for all tech support. But at the end of the day when go Home from our Job. (Job We Don’t Take this Crap Home). We know we have to be back here, doing this crap again. Now sure The job isn’t hard. There is no real physical work involed. But All day is someone telling you how unimportian you are. And when you yell at a tech do you think your the frist, That all we get is You or our bosses. Oh sure but tech support gets Paid Good. HAHAHA, Before I did tech support, I had a Name tag job and Loved it. and I was making more there then I do Now, as a TEch… With that begin said Don’t yell at the Techs on the other End, They are on the Bottom of the List, Of power Given By Verizon. Other departments can make a Call and take care of some things. We have HAVE to ask 101 questions and Do 101 Things Before we can do anything. So when we do take the Problem to higher Department, We can Say yes We did that, and that, and that………………………………………………………………………………………… Sorry about the Rant.

  55. This post is for “A Rep”: Rep, you don’t have to worry about my calling Verizon tech support. About two weeks ago I cancelled my business with Verizon. In effect, I fired your arrogant, useless ass. What a great feeling! Rep, you’re fired. Oh it feels good to say that. I think I’ll say it again. Rep, You’re fired! OH I LOVE IT!!

  56. Rob,

    I am glad you cancelled (as long as you found something less stressfull).

    “A Rep”,

    It’s dumbasses like you that give people like me a bad name. I think you need to take a few more English classes, and then maybe get a job for Dell. (you know, because Rob Adcox fired your ass. HAHA.)

  57. Wow. I found this thread because I needed to blow off some steam after getting off the phone with a Verizon Repair rep. I’m not sure if I feel better or worse now: there are so many angry people on both sides of the phone I guess all I’ve learned is that I should try to be nicer.

    But it’s really hard to be nice when you see a repeating service problem and can’t solve it, and Verizon’s band-aid “solution” solving the problem.

    First, let me say that everything else aside, I have always LOVED the tech support I’ve gotten when I’ve called Verizon DSL. They have PC people, they have Mac people, they’re available 24 hours a day. TSure, the modem I have cannot be touched lest the power connection drop, but Tech support have always been great in my experience. Period. Verizon’s repair service contractors on site have always been helpful and have solved the problem in less than 30 minutes each time. No problems there.

    My problem starts 5 years ago when we moved to our current house. Ever since then, at least 4 times that I can remember, and probably one or two more before I started keeping track, a truck that’s not supposed to be in our neighborhood (disobeying the NO TRUCKS sign clearly posted at the bottom of the street in the only direction passing trucks have ever caused this problem) takes down our phone line. Again, this has happened 4-6 times since we moved to the house. It happens because our house is the highest on the street, and the phone line can only be put up so high on the pole side by law(no matter how high it can go up on the house side), so at the left side of the narrow street it slopes to the highest point available from the pole. I’m not sure if I’m explaining the limitations on this correctly, but here it is in a nutshell:
    Verizon can’t but up the line any higher than X on one side.
    Whatever height X is is not high enough to prevent a tall truck from taking it down at least once a year.
    Each time this happens, I am without phone, e-mail and Internet via DSL until a repair tech can get to the repair (so far, cumulative time without a phone or Internet while waiting must be getting close to 30 days [average of 2-4 days each instance].

    After reading through this thread, it sounds like at just 30 days without a phone I should be counting myself lucky. I am finally definitely looking at other options for phone and Internet.

    Funny story: the whole reason we have Verizon DSL in the first place was because Comcast couldn’t find our house 5 years ago to install cable Internet. I’m dreading starting the process again, but I’ve got to do something.

    So, for the reps and former reps who’ve posted here, do you know of other ways a frustrated customer can let Verizon know that they’re messing up short of berating customer service reps, and/or cancelling service? I’d love to hear it. I guess old-fashioned postal mail might work?

    It should go without saying that I’m not looking for snappy rejoinders: I’ve thought of them already. I don’t think it’s a solution to move to solve the problem. I’m not even sure that getting a second cell-phone and another monthly fee as a backup in the near certain event that another truck takes down the line again is a reasonable expense to ask my family to assume, because no other house on the street has this problem. Listen, I expect that from time to time my phone service will go out because of something like a wind storm or a lightning strike, but I’m experiencing more than the average random event, and I think Verizon should be working to come up with a better solution than myopically treating the symptom rather than curing the disease.

  58. Lets just stop this now. I was bored this morning and decided to a google search for the company I work for to see what the “werd” is up out there. I have to say, I don’t like it.

    Firstly, to all of the reps that have posted on here, stop flaming this bullshit! Thank you! Do you really think you are solving anything or making anything better by starting a flame war? The people on here are right YOU SHOULD BE FIRED! You make people like me who are proud to go into work everyday look like shit in the eyes of the people we are supposed to be helping. Get in line, the unemployment line that is.

    Let me tell you alittle bit about myself. I have been in the computer industry going on ten years. Not all in tech support, but I know my way around everything I can. I currently work for Verizon because it pays very well for the area I live in. I am a supervisor, and I am proud to say that.

    Firstly : Marvin, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Yes as a matter of fact there is a process to have gotten your service turned back on in 48 – 72 hours without the hassel of repeated calls or re-ordering your service. It’s too bad the asshole reps you got didn’t bother to read up on their service alerts. Sorry to have lost you as a customer, perhaps sometime in the future we can do something to earn your trust back.

    Second : John, your service was broken by our web designers, who thoughtlessly run test code on production servers. They are working (now offline) on new code that should bring that functionality back soon. If you would like an update please call us @ 18662684630 (options 1-1-1-4) and ask for an update about the whiteboard issue. IIRC the issue is expected to be resolved by June 15th when they update the production code.

    Third : I am not going to provide all of the information you people should have gotten when you called us the FIRST TIME. If you cancelled I am really sorry to hear that.

    When you call us just like anything else, when a human answers the phone, you have to remember that they are indeed human. Humans make mistakes. Sometimes they don’t get it quickly enough or read something wrong. Ask for a second opinion. Get a supervisor and ask their opinion, but please do so politely. I am more than willing to go out of my way to help you with whatever comes your way, but screaming and yelling and pointing the finger isn’t going to help either of us. Infact it’s rather counter-productive.

    Sure there are things we can’t fix, we try but we just can’t do it all. So here is my quick rundown of our biggest failings.

    1. MCO (Maintenance Control Office) techs, they’re unionized and it shows. They simply do whatever they please to our dismay. We tell you they’re going to be there while we cross our fingers and hope to hell they keep a commitment for once. We’re sorry for this, but if anyone here has ever dealt with a union organization you should know, we can do very little to change what they don’t do.

    2. Billing agents, yes I am pretty sure they haven’t evolved much over time. Infact I beleive they still have gils for fuck sakes. When they tell you that your service is going to be on in two days, please don’t beleive them. They simply do not know what it takes to provision a line for DSL, and how long it takes for all the hoops we have to jumpthrough. Do us all a favour and read up on some of the recent ass pounding all DSL ISP’s have taken from the FCC.

    Please don’t think I am trying to make excuses for this company, we have many failings and they are only further highlighted by some of the assholes (read: reps) who have posted here. My job is to clean up the shit these people cause for Verizon so you can understand why I am bitter. Beleive it or not, some of us are “working for you”.

  59. I work with some pretty bad agents and yes they need to be trained better. I am one of the best tech reps you’ll ever talk to and I do get the job done well. My message if to all you irate consumers is that it is hard to deliver internet. It is a very difficult job being a tech and geuss what, you people do not know better than most of the techs, settings can be thrown off and most of you fools cause your own loss of connectivity when you change your email password (which is the same for your internet) or reset your modem thinking it will help during an outage, or whatever other stupid things you people do that you think will help or wont hurt. Its called millions upon millions of clients that have to be dealt with, its difficult, and you morons that think you know something make me sick.


  61. Ok frist off, what The Guy forgot to mention, is the fact that Tech support has almost no power at all, We really don’t. Don’t blame the trainers they really try. Oh and about the MCO it true we have no control over them. But A tech should never say a MCO tech is coming out Unless That MCO tech HAS to,. And I did complain about the Customers, But Belive Some Techs Suck Worse then any of the Irate Customers I have gotten, I have had calles where the person spoke to 6 diffrent techs and each tech marks the same problem, and it’s a very very VERY easy problem to fix, but now you explain this to customer, and there not irate at you but at the company, and I know their upset, belive me Now I’am upset. casue I have to clean up other peoples mess. but the company keeps on a short leash, and if we bark we get slapped. And the Tech lean on each other, If one tech doesn’t know the answer they will most of the time ask another tech,. The only problem is that there are more techs loseing intrest in helping people,

  62. I called these pieces of fucking shit to reduce some expensive and unnecessary features from my home phone line.
    As it turns out, they seperate the charges you currently owe for your old features and open a new account with a new balance, but for the old charges.
    I never knew I was receiving two bills with two different account numbers.
    To make a long story short, by pure coincidence, I was only paying the bill for the original account number. Six months later, as I pull up a my credit report, i see a delinquant account listed from dog shit Verizon for $91.00
    When I called Verizon, they basically told me tough shit, you should have realized you were receiving two bills and basically told me to go fuck myself.
    Two years ago, when I requested DSL service, I lost telephone service completely because they are so fucking stupid.

  63. As you can see, the Verizon reps could care less. I have had the same problems many of you have had. Here’s a tip. Everytime you have to call them get a $50-$100 credit for your time. I have free service for months plus a $100 credit. Let them laugh – who cares? – because now they’re paying you! Also, Verizon is a regulated company. So, file a complaint with your state’s telephone commission. That really gets their attention. After playing their games for a while, I filed a comlaint with the state and told Verizon about it. I had Verizon people fix my problem within 1/2 hour after that, including a tech coming to personally see me (within that 1/2 hour) who told me how bad Verizon really is, and he gave me his cell phone number for any future problems. My own personal “Verizon Bitch” – PERFECT. Of course they suck. They have a$$h@les like the guys posting here working there who really feel that way. “Ohh…we screwed up and you don’t have phone service…..ha ha ha……wait another month…..ha ha ha….and by the way……because your pissed at our incompetence we’re going to screw up your service more….ha ha ha…….. hey BillyBob this guy’s pissed…..watch this, I’m really going get him going…..ha ha ha……. .” GET MONEY EACH TIME YOU CALL AND FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE STATE (then get cable or VOIP).

  64. LOL!!!! Jay, that’s freakin’ hilarious!! I bet some of the a-holes who work in tech are like the two guys on the Dodge truck commercials. “That thing got a Hemi? Sweet!” Yeah, undereducated fry cooks who think they’ve made it into the big time because their job doesn’t require a hair net.

  65. hey a. rep, do you honestly think its our fault, I mean just listen to how dumb all these people sound, man you guys have issues maybe if you wernt all pricks we’d fix your problem, the best is when a customer so unreasonable he just say I need a tech to come out, I need a tech to come out, like he’s mentally ill or something. Just jump the hoops and be pleasent and it will work out, man you customers are so fucked up, I feel sorry for people who actaully know you. Are you guys so dumb that you dont realize verizon dsl and teleco are two different companies, and we are so huge in dsl that now we dont care, you just cost us money with the amount you nuts call, you simply dont pay us enough a mounth for us to possibly care, because your business isnt worth the cost fo paying peiople to talk to you, just chnage service already we’ll be glad to get ride of you, and your so unreasonable and hateful, comcast or road runner will probably go out of business keeping you nut cases happy, you dont realize how stupid you all are and sound, its ridiculas. Here a peice fo advice, next time your steaming mad, go home, sit on your deck and have a beer, you’ll live longer, be happier and everything in your life will work out. You people just dont realize that you cause your own trouble in life by being pricks and being vengful and hate filled and thats true for everything, because if you irate nuts freak out this much when your dsl doesnt work, what do you when your car wont start or your TV dies? beat your wife and kill your dog? man calm down and be happy I’m sure all of your dsl and phone problems whatever they maybe will work out its not worth killing yourself over, just exept its a huge company with no real office and its like a bearucracy, it just takes a little time, sorry to say

  66. Hey truth, Did it ever occur to you that you have a job because of all those customers you hate? You know, when quality is so piss poor that the customer has to call tech support 14 times or so over a two day period, it becomes clear that Verizon -or whoever they subcontracted- is trying to save money by hiring stupid people.

  67. ha ha ha yeah your probably right Rob Adcox, and I totally agree with you, some agents are really bad and it just takes time to get good, and if you get some old timer in there, wow, terrible, they never catch on. Would it supprise you to know that all residential calls are handled by verizon centers inside the United States and that although some customers have to call in 14 times aday the metrics Verizon guides itself by like first call resolution, quality and average handle time are all being met, of course thats counts all calls verizon tech takes. So most issues are easy and are being fixed then and there, it really is just the few that get a little screwed over. Verizon tech support isnt the worst either, at least we speak english. Alot of other companies if its free technical support are in india and wow, try callig linksys sometime, all in india. The way tech suppport is moving, it probably wont be long before we begin to charge, because the qaulity of support you want just isnt there for the money you pay, one 30min call or even less, costs verizon half your dsl monthly bill, beleive it. If your really mad about it just realize, verizon runs a business and that business is to make money, and sometimes the best way to make money doesnt help you at all, tell you what, you have an issue, you post it on here, and I’ll tell you how to get it fixed with verizon, the real deal

  68. Well truth, having dealt with customers myself I know how what it’s like. I know the frustration of being stuck between dickhead management and rude customers. The point I’m making is that not all customers are dicks, but some of the tech support people here seem to think they are. I know that I was treated pretty badly by Verizon and their subcontractor, so I went with another service. The bottom line is the bottom line. If the suits want to hire foreigners, they do so knowing that more Americans are out of work. In the case of a couple of posters here, that can only be a good thing. I hate management, but I don’t exactly love labor either. Any tech support person who takes his problem out on customers doesn’t deserve to have the job, and any member of management who makes life a living hell for tech support ought to be pushed off the tallest Verizon roof.

    Working under strict time limits and knowing that you could lose your job for taking too much time with a customer can be stressful, but those who bitch about it probably shouldn’t be working in that kind of a job in the first place.

  69. i really do like verizon i’ve been with them for years and they are always there and we just recently like saturday we got my boyfriend that easypay plan with verizon and it is so good because him and i talk free and its just good before i would always go over and could never stay within my 500 minutes and now i only use less that like 100 and hell it saves you minutes because that easypay plan is not bad because i mean what else can you ask for you talk freeeee to verizon so everyone quit complaining and just give verizin another chance and i’m sure that they’ll satisfy you. lata
    Love Crystal and Jose

  70. No, Josie, wrong. I gave Verizon 15 chances in a 48 hour period. They showed me that they couldn’t handle the problem. I I had to call them that many times in two days, because one tech support person after another didn’t have a clue. I have earned the right to complain.

  71. no rob alcox you havent earned the right to complain, your exactly the kind of nut we don’t like, believe it or not on a ticket that is sent in takes 24-48hours for a turn around and usually by the time its all said and done its afew days to a week depending on the problem and wether its a weekend. No matter how many times you call in to get it “expidited”, of course the techs you call repeatedly are going to lie to you, your a nut, and they cant be bothered with a 10min +wait time for a suporvisor that cares even less about your call then the agent.
    Oh and Crystal and Jose your exactly the kind of customer we love, we love talking to you because your nice and when your nice of all of lifes problems tend to work out. It guys like this nut Rob who belive everyone is wrong but them and dont belive anyone who die young from stress and juts generally been an ass.

  72. No rob alcox you havent earned the right to complain, your exactly the kind of nut we don’t like, believe it or not on a ticket that is sent in takes 24-48hours for a turn around and usually by the time its all said and done its afew days to a week depending on the problem and wether its a weekend. No matter how many times you call in to get it “expidited”, of course the techs you call repeatedly are going to lie to you, your a nut, and they cant be bothered with a 10min +wait time for a suporvisor that cares even less about your call then the agent.

    Oh and Crystal and Jose your exactly the kind of customer we love, we love talking to you because your nice and when your nice of all of lifes problems tend to work out. It guys like this nut Rob who belive everyone is wrong but them and dont belive anyone guys like him die young from stress and just generally been an idiot in life think that if they cry like a baby they can get a differnet solution that what is handed out. Oh and Cyrstal and Jose feel free to call anytime for anything we’d love to hear from you

  73. “Truth”, not only have I earned the right to complain about incompetent service, I have cancelled my business in favor of your competition. Hopefully enough people will do likewise that Verizon will have to lay off losers like you.
    The fact is that if Verizon were willing to pay decent salaries, they could then hire people who know what they’re doing. Clearly there is a problem with Verizon when they can’t solve, within 15 calls to tech support, the problem. I suspect you’re trying to save face. Too late -I can see you’re just another Verizon idiot trying to counter anyone’s from experiences about Verizon DSL’s utter lack of competence. You must be a member of Communication Workers of America, considering your high degree of ignorance and arrogance. But then again, it’s people like you who are hurting Verizon -surprising, considering they’re paying your paycheck.

    I see Verizon’s stocks are down again today, btw. Wonder why?

  74. Oh “Truth”, here’s something else for you: why is it that people like you never have the courage of their convictions when they deal with customers on the phone? I mean, since you obviously have a problem with some of we customers, how is it that you never say so to us when we’re on the phone? Answer: because you know you’d be reprimanded and/or fired. It’s easy to be arrogant on a message board when you know you think you won’t be held accountable for it. But all you’re doing is making my case for me as to why Verizon no longer has my business. Apparently I’m not alone, as the multitude of “Verizon sucks” message boards -and sinking Verizon stock- indicate. Keep doing what you’re doing, “Truth”. Maybe one day your job will be outsourced (hopefully) to India. They can do your job better than you can, I’d bet.

  75. Hey Rob your a jackass, the only reason I work for Verizon is that Im paying my way through law school. Ive had several customers tell me I was the best agent the’ve ever delt with, and I have in the 90% first call resolution. I’m aways telling customers off, but more in the way that when a jackass lunitic calls like you, I cut you right off in mid sentence and either get it done, or if your to stupid to relize Im the best I love passing you off to a suporvisor that wont even listen to you and who will do a worst job than I can. After all Ive been there longer than most suporvisors anyways, and I used to be one before I moved locations. Hey if you dont like hearing the truth that its most likely you, thats to bad. But keep in mind no body cares about what ever stupid amount of money you payed a month, we make more by not having you as a customer, with the amount you call. Oh and by the way, stocks are down becasue the economy is down as a whole. Its called “expectations,” you get a peaked stock and a trade deficit with china in the 200 billion range, as well as a war in Iraq whicjh probaly will pay off in the long run, but ight now is costing hundreds of billions, eople dont’t feel as good about investing thus all stocks will generally go down. He is the dow at 11000 yet, ha ha ha, hasnt been for a while. This is what any first year economic student could tell you, but of course you probably one of the blab-ering millions who think they know something. When I hear people like you talk about things they dont understand, but think that they do, I think how can you be so brain washed to think you count, You have no training and no idea, after all if your so smart why arn’t you rich? My advice is lay off and relax you’ve do much better in life and probably be happier than you could ever think

  76. Hey Rob your a jackass, the only reason I work for Verizon is that Im paying my way through law school. Ive had several customers tell me I was the best agent the’ve ever delt with, and I have in the 90% first call resolution. I’m aways telling customers off, but more in the way that when a jackass lunitic calls like you, I cut you right off in mid sentence and either get it done, or if your to stupid to relize Im the best I love passing you off to a suporvisor that wont even listen to you and who will do a worst job than I can. After all Ive been there longer than most suporvisors anyways, and I used to be one before I moved locations. Hey if you dont like hearing the truth that its most likely you, thats to bad. But keep in mind no body cares about what ever stupid amount of money you payed a month, we make more by not having you as a customer, with the amount you call. Oh and by the way, stocks are down becasue the economy is down as a whole. Its called “expectations,” you get a peaked stock and a trade deficit with china in the 200 billion range, as well as a war in Iraq whicjh probaly will pay off in the long run, but ight now is costing hundreds of billions, eople dont’t feel as good about investing thus all stocks will generally go down. He is the dow at 11000 yet, ha ha ha, hasnt been for a while. This is what any first year economic student could tell you, but of course you probably one of the blab-ering millions who think they know something. When I hear people like you talk about things they dont understand, but think that they do, I think how can you be so brain washed to think you count, You have no training and no idea, after all if your so smart why arn’t you rich? now you keep that last question in mind next time you make an opinion. My advice is lay off and relax you’ve do much better in life and probably be happier than you could ever think, well just a thought anyways.

  77. I can believe you’re “working” your way through law school. First, you have the arrogance and self-importance required to be a slip-and-fall specialist. Secondly, you clearly cannot tolerate anyone disagreeing with you. I followed tech support instructions to the letter, which is why my service got so screwed up. Yes, “truth”, I have earned the right to complain. Or will you now, as the dickhead you clearly are, tell me that I have no right to be pissed off about the arrogant and moronic manner in which I was treated by any number of your colleagues? Are they working their law school too? Maybe you self-righteous assholes can get together and figure new ways to screw people out of their hard-earned money.

    Oh, wait: you already do. No wonder you want to be a lawyer when you grow up.

    As for your response regarding Verizon’s stock, I supppose the “expectations” to which you refer also account for the large numbers of Verizon employees who have been laid off, and who will be laid off in the near future.

    “…if your so smartc why arn’t you rich?” Good God, “truth”. Are you sure you need law school? The first time you file something as basic as an amicus brief, the judge is going to wonder why anyone would have hired such an illiterate asshole as you. You really tipped your hand when you admitted, in so many words, that you define self worth by the amount of money you own (refer to the quote).

    The fact is that Verizon is pissing off a lot of people besides me, and that’s because of fucknuts like you. THAT’S why your stocks are dropping.

  78. About half of this thread sounds like the best reason for outsourcing/offshoring that I’ve ever heard. Also a great reason to dump Verizon, but I already did that.

  79. ha ha ha I love it Rob, I really do. Reading that just put a smile on my face. Keep going nut, the fact you care so passionately well it just makes my day. It kind of reminds me of those vegan environmentalists. I tried so hard to make them understand basic concepts, like decreasing supply of oil inevitably leading to hire prices inevitably leading to alternatives like the hydrogen fuel cell becoming cheaper and thus being adopted etc etc I could go on all day. I’d say these things and they thought I was the devil incarnate, and then I’d suggest nuclear power and they’d almost cut my head off, when the previous leader of green peace heavily endorces it now, and I agree with him, its cheap and clean. In all honesty however I think were off topic and getting a little personal. Remember this when you mature a little, (I knew you’d love that comment), no matter how much you think you know something, you don’t really, when you think you can do it better than your government or anyone else for example you cant. I know alot of beaurcrates and I used to have all these ideas about things and the truth is I was wrong. These guys have very high eduaction(look at the stats of senoir beaurocrats) and they have even more experience, and I can tell you that these things are run the best they can be. Including verizon, after all theres a reason why they have a monopoly. Now I dont know whetehr your capable of that level of comprehension, but hopefully something will sink into your caveman like brain. ha ha ha have a good one I’m just messing with you now, but seriously relax a little and you live longer

  80. “Truth”: before you blithely lump me in with liberal environmentalists (an odd thing to do since we’re discussing the narcissism of certain Verizon tech support reps like you vs. the disgust of same by former customers like me), please know that I’m quite conservative in my views. The fact that I responded to your arrogance should have had no impact on your psyche. I get the feeling, however, that it did. I think you’re the kind of person who feels trapped by his job and cannot tolerate negative feedback. You know you’ll never have the stones to tell your customers what you think of them over the phone. That would lead to disciplinary action. You displace the frustration you feel toward customers on message boards, because the boards provide you with a sanctuary, of sorts, to vent.

    In contrast, I’ve not only responded to incompetent tech support people like you on the board, I’ve also done so on the phone. Frankly, Verizon would still have my business if it weren’t for the arrogance of people like you. For someone who apparently believes in capitalism, you certainly fail to make a good case for it, judging from your posts. You know, the ones where you so haughtily tell us that Verizon will always have customers, that it doesn’t need our business, etc.

    I’m probably more highly educated than you will ever be. If I take the liberty to call you “fucknuts” when you deserve it, don’t interpret that as a low level of cognitive functioning. Judging from the intent of your posts, I can see that you’re the one whose cognitive functioning is suspect. I post in order to bitch about people like you. You, in turn, post in order to displace the frustration you feel when you’re at work.

    I truly hope you attend law school one day. If you can’t take criticism from a former Verizon customer, you’ll get eaten alive in law school and/or the courts. For someone who calls himself “truth”, you certainly are clueless.

    And you call ME a nut. Instead of projecting your inadequacies onto me, you might do some introspection.

  81. Posts like the ones from “Truth” to me serve as examples of why I cancelled my business with Verizon.

    Not too many people would be willing to pay good money to be treated the way “Truth” apparently treats his customers. It’s a wonderful thing that Verizon has competition. “Truth” reminds me of Lily Tomlin’s telephone operator character. If you ever see her, you’ll know what I mean!

  82. I have had few, actually no, customer service resonses as shitty as Verizon’s. I sat on speaker phone hold for over three hours, no shit, my phone has a timer, to try to BUY wireless broadband services from them.

    Apparently some moron could not differentiate between a customer SS # and a company EIN number, so they declard me a credit risk and asked for a substantial deposit.

    This would be good business sense, IF i didn’t already have 4 wireless verizon phones, verizon DSl service, verizon web hosting, verizon long distance, and verizon local phone service. In addition, we are general contractors who use verizon temp phone service (3 lines each for every one of our construction sites). All of the bills for the above services have been paid in full in advance of the due date, our D&B report is excellent and my FICO report exceeds 800.

    I wrote a letter to the chairman of the board, the president of the company, and the VP of customer service. Apparently the fish stinks from the head, because the net result was that I had three different morons contact me, tell me they would need to put me through to a different department, and then drop me into perpetual hold hell.

    The breakup of ATT did wonders for telecom for a short period, until the baby bells reconsolidated into a morph of the original monopoly. They are fully aware that changing services requires a great deal of difficuly. Contact information must be resubmitted to all clients, friends, and associates. They count heavily on this for customer retention. Apparently this policy pissed off enough customers to piss off the congressmen enough to make our numbers mobile.

    Therefore, my recommendation, change your staionary and address list and dump these turds. Their competitors are not much better, but options are expanding. VIOP, satellite, and cable should scare the hell out of them. Google and Microsoft can’t be far behind in offering all of the necessary telco/data services we all need in this high tech world. Help make these disrespectful pigs join the trash heap of Pan Am, Eastern Airlines, E toys, Kmart, Edsel, Bethlem Steel, and the thousands of once high flyers that no longer exist in their prior form.

    Sign up for alternate services. Nothing can be less convenient than waiting on hold for hours to finish with no resolution of the problems. All of our temporary lines at our construction sites are going wireless with competitors. Long distance is going to VIOP, DSl to cable or satellite. Help join the crowd and burry these folks in bankruptcy.

    Time is money and service trumps cost in all but the most inefficient businesses.

    Also, because there customer service representations are clearly fraudulent, a class action suit may be in order. We are the CUSTOMERS.

  83. To Truth:

    You have got to be kidding. You are a law student or do you aspire to be and misrepresent yourself as a law student as you apparently do when you claim to be a “Customer Service Rep”.

    Good luck in law school. The practice of law requires an excellent grasp of both the English language and the ability to resolve conflict. The misspelling and grammatical errors in your first correspondence (every sentence, I might add) and your apparent lack of ability to resolve conflict indicate that you may be better suited to be a landscaper.

  84. They just cannot seem to get it right. What a complete waste of time. They will pull you through a ringer (so to speak), make you wait, delay your order, leave you on hold, charge you extra for the slightest thing, and provide poor tech support. The best part is their attitude of entitlement! Too bad cable is not much better.

    If you are running a business go with someone else!!!

  85. This is a funny thread. Incompetent Verizon service reps telling us, the rightly p.o.ed customers how to treat them most courteously.

    O.k. If you’ve really got your heart set on becoming a verizon customer, and you’re willing to take all the shit that entails, you’re best off being really really nice to the tech support guy, so he’ll like you enough to not blatantly lie.

    But except for the occasional weirdo, who wants verizon so badly? I sure don’t. They confirmed my DSL, but provided none. Ergo, I will cancel the service within the 30-day period, and make a mental note, never to waste my time with these idiots again.

    Be nice to the tech support. Get real.

  86. I had DSL – it got steadily slower and slower.

    I moved down the street – so close in fact that I was able to keep the same phone number. I requested DSL move with the phone line…. I was told “no problem”.

    That was 2004. For two years I called and tried to get DSL working in my new place and continued getting billed. I expensed it with the company I was working for, so it wasn’t out of pocket. Cable internet access finally arrived in to the neighborhood so I “switched”.

    I moved after 2 years and cancelled the phone line and requested the DSL be cancelled as well. “No problem” – I even asked – “Do I need to call someone else or talk with another department about cancelling my DSL?” “Nope, I’ll put the cancel request in today.”

    I move, phone is disconnected as requested – I continue to get a bill for DSL services on a phone line at an address I no longer have.

    1 hour of my life on the phone and 15 different Verizon employees later I have 2 confirmation #s of the DSL being cancelled and the cancellation being backdated to match the date of cancellation of the phone service.

    How many people in on a bet that even tho I spoke with the collections department and they annotated my account – that when I stop paying the bill, this goes to collection and my credit report?

    I even had one woman get angry with me – half way through my round-robin of departments at Verizon, because I wanted her to understand my situation before she transferred me to the next department. My favorite is being told that I need to speak with department X and get transferred there only to have department X tell me that they can’t help me because they don’t have any access to accounts for my state.

    Ah, Verizon, your day is coming.

  87. Angry,

    If Verizon screws with your credit, first file a consumer dispute with the major credit bureaus and explain the situation.

    Secondly, file complaints with both the FCC and the FTC (Federal Trade Commision). Tell them you’re being frauded by Verizon and that you’re requesting an investigation into the matter.

    The least that will happen is that whoever is jerking you around will get reamed out. Remember the old adage, “sh*t rolls downhill”.

  88. Hello Everybody,
    My experience over the last four weeks with Verizon DSL and Verizon Telcom has been nothing less than intensly painful. Without going into the gory details ( four weeks with tech support, customer service in India…and the rest, anybody who is reading this forum contribution knows what I am talking about), you can imagine the absolute frusrtation with Verizon. Back and forth with “Local Customer Service” which is an 800 number that dumps you into Mumbai, no resolution, and if you call their support numbers enough times (8 hours total for me @ $200.00/hr.) and then you finally get a rep who understands and then they lie to you about the connection schedule and then they charge you for services not rendered. Sounds like class action to me…I have the records to back it up, just FYI.
    I own a business and the revenue I have lost because of Verizon’s business and technical support incompetence, disregard for customer service and crimimal business, practices is staggering. My recommendation, stay as far away from Verizon as you can, the same way you would stay away from someone who suggests to you that drinking a bottle of bleach will cleanse your system…

  89. Verizon dsl sucks they really sucks!!! We should write a complaint and send to FCC or some other gov agency that handle this issue.

  90. My main gripe is that they are so big they don’t care about customers. I just had a bout with billing because we were on auto pay, and we called and canceled it, and made a payment via cc. Then the auto pay kept coming out, so we called our bank and told them that they were taking money without authorization. The bank reveresed the charges back to verizon, the whole time, we were making payments on time via cc. Then they tried charging us a 30 dollar service charge for the reversed checks, and we called and tried explaining (nicely) that they hadn’t cancelled our autopay request.

    Finally cancelled service entirely. Now with comcast & voip and very happy. We also filed a complaint with the FCC, FTC and most important, the PUC! Look at the PUC they actually will investigate, and in our case, they found that what verizon did was unjust, so they got rid of the service charges for us. Plus the more bad marks they get from the fcc and ftc, the worse their credit rating etc. so file complaints with these agencies. It does help.

  91. I switched from Sprint to Verizon about a year ago. My bill immediately doubled to about $110 per month. I have manipulated every package possible, curbed my usage, dropped features, and now bascially can’t enjoy my phone without thinking of the cost — and I still can’t get the bill under $100 per month. Of the 68 people in my Contacts list, only 2 use Verizon, so the “free” in-calling/in-network offer does little to help. I am fighting Verizon now to break my contract because I simply can’t afford them. By all accounts, T-Mobile and Cingular really are the best.

  92. Not a 100% sure what their problem is. I mean, every fucking time you turn around they get less intellectually stimulating and start resembling something out of the ameba period. Not even that period – when you think about it – back then there was the exciting opportunity of advancement. Personally I have never met, or maybe knew I met, such strange characters.

    Their leader is a former 80’s tramp who still hasn’t realized the coke she bends over for is legal over the counter at any place that distributes powder for kids’ asses. Her main underling is a character who is still deciding if he wants his current position or if should just follow his sister back to a shack in the middle of nowhere and live on the Country’s dime like the good ‘old days. Maybe minus the poisoned blankets and distilled water. The desk girl is hot though. Not sure if she knows it but I am confident that every so called tech in that place has done her in their sordid imaginations – this including the girls which I have invited into my stories on a few solitary occasions.
    That’s just one department – stay tuned.

  93. Verizon customer service sucks, it is a living nightmare! We signed up on a 14 day promtion to try two phones and service from Verizon. If we decided to not keep it, we would be credited 100% except for the per day phone usage charges.

    We tried it, but we got poor quality service. First attempt to turn them in the salesman performed an “upgrade” and said try them for a couple more days. We did but the service did not improve. On day 9 we took them back, have a receipt and have recevied credit for the phones themselves $106.99 on our credit card.

    However, we are still being billed for phone service plus setup charges. Third month of billing and we now owe $650.00 We have received threatening letters and calls that we will be turned over for collection.

    Everyone we have talked to has been unresponsive and we have acheived nothing. Finally last Monday eveing I spoke with a fellow that I thought was sincere and was going to be able to help. He called the Verizon dealer that we dealt with who confirmed that we had indeed turned them in and then I faxed to him a copy of our receipt where whe had returned the phones. Verizon was not able to directly send him any paperwork. He promised to call me on 8-16-6 to let me know that the bills were taken care of and we would receive a final bill for 9 days usage.

    Did he call? No. Is it resolved? No. All though I had the full name of the customer service fellow that seemed to care, no one knows what state he is in, so I couldn’t talk to him tonight. However, they could send him an email. The gal I spoke to tonight would not even attempt to help me. She was sorry I had a bad experience. She stated that it does take three months to clear up problems. It has been three months, it will soon be four!

    When will my Nightmare with Verizon end? What are my options? I am frustrated. I hate Verizon. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from Cingular.

  94. Trust me everyone… it’s not just with their wireless and DSL… even their land-line customer service and support sucks. It took me over six months to get one of my phone numbers cancelled. I used to have two phone lines, one for voice and one for fax. Both were listed under a single account number. When I didn’t need the dedicated fax line anymore, I tried to have it cancelled. I was told that it would be a two-part process. First they would have to separate the two numbers into two separate accounts, and then cancel the account that had the fax number. Seemed silly to me, but OK. Well… it took five months to get the numbers separated to separate accounts, and then another month to get the fax number disconnected, because somewhere in their computer system, the order only said to separate the accounts. The part about cancelling the fax number seemed to mysteriously disappear. I was so pissed, I actually went out and bought a Vonage box. I was ready to cancel it all. Verizon finally got it straightened out. I thought my time with Verizon customer service was over. Then….. last week my mother, who is in a nursing home, had to change rooms. I called Verizon to have her service moved from the old room to the new room. I asked them to please remove the service from the existing room as soon as possible as I didn’t want anyone plugging a phone into the jack and making long distance calls on my mother’s account. The Verizon agent agreed with my reasoning and said the phone service would be disconnected as soon as possible, and that it would take about 2 or 3 days to move the service over to her new room. Well, a week later, today, the number was still showing up as disconnected, so I went to the website to check on the work order and saw that Verizon was listing it as completed. So I tried calling them… system put me on hold waiting for a tech as “all agents are currently busy.” Waited 20 minutes and finally gave up. Called back and hour later. This time I waited 35 minutes before giving up. Finally initiated an online chat through their website and got a Verizon agent in 3 minutes (hmmm… I’ll have to remember that trick). He checked the work order in the computer and told me that the work order only asked for a disconnection and that there was nothing in there about a move to a new room, and that I would have to call the Billing department to have my mother’s service turned back on. THIS IS UNREAL. What is it with Verizon’s computer service that it seems to constantly lose information concerning work orders? Are the agents lying when they say they are putting the information into the computer, or is the information being truncated or what? Unfortunately, Verizon is the only service that is available at the nursing home, so it’s them or nothing. My 85 year old mother is upset because she can’t talk to her friends; and the only thing I can tell her is that I will try to get her service back. After reading all the stuff on this site, it makes me wonder if her service will be moved and turned back on while she is still alive. Pity… took two decent phone companies like Bell Atlantic and GTE South and created this monster that doesn’t even have the decency to provide email addresses to higher-ups in the company to contact to file complaints with.

  95. This gets better and better. Verizon’s customer service and tech support are surely legendary in their utter incompetence. I can’t remember the last time I saw such a poorly run company with so many arrogant fools serving in customer contact positions. Verizon’s arrogance is trumped only by its comprehensive stupidity. Verizon favor quantity over quality, meaning that all it cares about is making as much money as it can, as quickly as it can. The price we customers pay for substandard service and faulty equipment is leading to such an outcry that many other companies are beginning to respond to our demands for honest treatment and reasonable quality. Thank god SOMEONE can hear us now.

  96. I agree 100 percent. I don’t want to go into details but they provide very, very poor service. We made our appointment when we were still in San Diego. We kept on waiting for those fools, our appointment got cancelled on the day they are supposed to installed our phone line. We waited a week longer. My husband works at home( telecommuting) what can he do without computer hoop up We switch to COX. They SUCK

  97. So I called Verizon Tech support for dsl. I had been waiting for 5 months for room at the co and I was running my business, a little brothel that speiclaizes in fantasy, on their complimnetary dialup. Wow, every tansaction was slower than Hugh Hefner misplacing his Viagra at bedtime.
    Anyhow, after numerous discusions with VBTS supervisors and a lot of getting nowhere, the big day came and I was actually up and running. However, I needed to setup my email address and had no clue as to how to do this. I figured ‘what the hell, one more call coundn’t hurt right?’.
    All I can say is holy shit! The call was picked up a a technician named Tina and from the get-go I knew this was going to be intersting. Tina sounded like a cross between a sex talk operator and a teenager just discovering LSD. Her voice turned me on so much I almost creamed myself on the keyboard. I had forgotten why I called in, but sweet Tina drew me back to reality and configured my email like a true pro.
    I call back everday day now just in hopes of hearing her hot voice again. I know Verizon people read this so I am hoping maybe Tina will come accross this and rember our fond experience of setting up emails. Tina – you were my first screen-share – I will never forget.

  98. In summer 2005, I tried Verizon’s “broadband” wireless service for laptops, but I found its “broadband” speed no better than dial-up.

    This summer (2006) I tried it again, and if anything the service has worsened. Verizons claims speeds of 400 to 700 Kbps, but when I tried to download MP3 files, actual speeds ranged from 9 to 16 Kbps (sic). (And yes, I was on broadband, not its Quicknet 14.4 dial-up service, at least according to Verizon’s program.)

    Still, Verizon has introduced a new feature — FREE disconnects. Some days are without disconnects, but on bad days (at least 2 days every week) I experience disconnects every few minutes, sometimes every 30 seconds. I connect, click a webpage, am disconnected. Reconnect, click another webpage, am disconnected again. Etc.

    FWIW, I use a IBM Thinkpad T40, 1.6 Gig Centrino CPU, 2 Gig RAM, Windows XP. I used my laptop in Queens, New York (just outside Manhattan — not exactly the sticks).

  99. I had to comment on this because I’ve been a DSL tech support agent for a month. And this is how it goes: we’re trained for only… TWO weeks. Going through training, so much information is crammed, that you really don’t learn anything. Then we’re thrown out onto the call floor and we’re expected to know what we’re doing.

    DSL Tech Support is a horrible thing to work for. If a call goes longer than 20 minutes, a floor supervisor walks by and tells you to get the customer off the phone no matter what; even if you’re getting the problem resolved. It’s horrible.

    Not to mention the fact that policies change every other day, and we’re not told about it. So when a customer calls about something, we probably won’t know what the customer is talking about because we weren’t informed.

    I’ve only been doing this job for a month and I’m gonna go work at ANY job. I wouldn’t take service from Verizon if they were the only company to choose from. Thank God they’re not. I had Verizon cell service a couple years ago and it was terrible; I could only get a signal when I was in the city, and even then the signal was crappy. I now have cell phone service from Cingular which is absolutely WONDERFUL, and I have high-speed cable Internet service.

    Take it from a Verizon DSL Tech Support Agent. Cancel ALL Verizon services if possible and go with somebody else. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR.

    I don’t know how anyone manages to get paid $70,000 per year, but I wish I made that kind of money for the crap I have to deal with. I’m only paid $9 per hour with no holidays off. If I have to keep this horrible job, I’ll be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with customers yelling and screaming at me rather than my family :(.

  100. Unfortunately I live in an area where Verizon is my only option for phone and wireless service (there is no Verizon DSL but there is cable high speed internet but its only one way–so I have to rely on Verizon phone to use the internet).

    I am so sick of Verizon, that I am about to cancel my phone (have to keep wireless or I won’t have cell service), and get directv and satellite internet service plus an internet phone service.

    The last straw was that my modem does not consistantly work on one of my phone lines–something Verizon doesn’t seem to care about or know how to fix. They claim that they are only responsible for getting a dial tone and that there are no guarantees of internet access over their phone lines. Well that’s so very helpful in an area where we have no DSL or two way cable internet.

    The rep was also extremely rude from the start–treating me like a moron (which maybe I am?). I’d rather pay more and find alternate solutions than deal with them anymore.

  101. Yes it is true a verizon managers bonus is a product of productivity. The more jobs a verizon tech does the higher his productivity which reflects well on his manager. The manager however is telling the tech to just close out the job and move on to the next one. The manager just wants higher numbers in his productivity report. The higher the numbers the higher his bonus. Managers make up jobs and falsify work reports for higher numbers. There is no room for customer service or satisfaction in this way of doing business. And the techs are not getting any better by working faster, they just cut more corners…. Great job Verizon.

  102. Yes Verizon does suck, for close to a year now I have been trying to get Verizon to help me get the people living next door to me to stop montoring my phone calls and to stop recoreing them, the only help from Verizon was ( why dont you just move ) Where I live all we have is verizon land line service

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