24 Hours to Boston and Back

 Last night I jumped on a flight at around 11pm in Seattle and flew to Boston, getting in around 7am, then I drove up to the offices of Mad Doc software… makers of quite a few cool games, including Empire Earth II, Star Trek Armada II and now Star Trek: Legacy for the Xbox 360 (and for the PC). Interview is all done now and I’m on my way back, with a ton of great footage for the on10.net crowd 🙂

First impressions? Of all the previous Star Trek games, Armada II was the one I liked the most, and while this is certainly not Armada III, it does share some of the same features… ship to ship combat on a fleet wide scale! Legacy takes it much farther though, better graphics, better AI, better story… co-op play across Xbox Live…

24 Hours to Boston and Back

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  1. I’m a little skeptical of Star Trek RTS games. They aren’t exactly the most fun to play, excepting maybe…just maybe Armada II. I always loved the Starfleet Academy/Klingon Academy games from Interplay. I’m a little curious to see how Legecy fairs. What impressions, if any, did you get from hands on time?

    Arztek November 7, 2006 at 3:34 am #

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